Monday, March 23, 2009

Wake Me Up When It's Over

A total stranger has just asked me if I'm feeling all right. Nice....thought I was doing a better job of compensating. She thinks I look pale and exhausted. .....Ha....that's nothing ....wanna see my ovaries?.....I am thinking to myself, but instead I smile and say I'm not the best. She feels bad and apologizes for saying so. Maybe I looked like I was going to pass out and she thought she would catch me? Right.

This morning NP #2 waved the magic wand around and found some of what NP#1 missed two days ago. There are still eleven follies in the picture with possibly some smaller ones hiding, however I'm looking at only 6 over 10mm . Clearly I will not be a candidate for OHSS - the silver lining in this cloud. No med changes, 3 stim days to go, an E2 of 805, and a partridge in a pear tree.

I am waiting in my car for a meeting with some clients and have conveniently pirated someone's nearby unsecured wireless network. Multi-tasking now (and getting this blog done) will allow me to focus on all I really care about when this freaking day is over.... slipping into a pair of sweats and joining my kitties for a cat nap!


  1. Good luck with your last few stim days. 11 follies - sounds like you're doing great. May there be a few more follicles waiting in the wings.

  2. Can't wait for your next update. Grow follies grow!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

    Yes, we have a lot in common: 802.11g hacking, cats, IF...I do refer to *wanding* as the "dildo cam" tho! ;-)

    Hopefully some of those other follicles catch up!

  4. Thats is a promising E2 number. Are you a late bloomer when it comes to follies? On the coflare I jumped from e2 at 600 to over 1000 and ended up with 6 eggs, which for an old broad like me aint too bad.
    Thanks for your support through this crappy cycle. And GOOD LUCK!

  5. I hate it when the residents don't search around hard enough. Don't they know that our happiness relies on their ability to find every single follicle. I sure wish we could do our own u/s. Wouldn't that be a funny site?