Monday, February 22, 2010

Advice Taken

First off - congrats dear MeKate!!!!! Her recent post left my jaw on the floor with the excitement!

Now for the advice. Most of you said get busy on the baby room. Ok, I'm on it. Others advised (in their own posts) if you think you need to call the doctor, just DO IT.

Last Monday I went back for the fluid check and all was fine. Baby B wasn't being such a placenta hog anymore and the amnio fluid levels were fairly even and generous.

Fast forward to Friday when I decided to meet a client in the afternoon. Mr. W had conveniently offered to drive me. As I got into the car, I started having contractions. But me being me, I figured it was no big deal, they'd go away, and that would be it. As we drove along, Mr W suggested I call the doctor. It was afterall, a Friday. It would be easier to get answers or help if needed before the weekend. And so I did. And they wanted me to come in right then.

Of course they hooked me up to the monitor and of course, by the time I got there, nothing was going on. Ok, well there was one small contraction and a few blips on the page which they said amounted to a crabby uterus. Uh, could it be because I had been coughing up both lungs for the past week? Uh, yes, it could.

The good news is that my stubborn cervix should continue to save the day. They measured it again and found it was a whopping 4.8 cm. Doc of the day said as a result, I have a less than 5% chance of going into labor before 32 weeks even if the uterus continues to be cranky, but that they will likely do a c-section around 34 or 35 weeks. Ok then! I can handle that!

I'm not on official bed rest, but I'm in take it easy mode, with no unnecessary trips on the stairs. It's not all peaches and cream, but being confined to the bedroom doesn't completely suck. I have a nice flat screen, a fireplace, a sofa, a deck for fresh air, a view of 2 gorgeous snow-covered mountains, and a wet bar that Mr. W stocks for me every morning. I am catching up on emails, hanging out on a little more, shopping online, playing with the purry ones who adore the fact that I am in permanent lounge mode, and making lists. I'm about to start on a couple of books too. On the good days, I will use my stair trip to get into the swimming pool. And for the first time in about 18 years, I won't be working!!!

It's starting to hit me. HOLY SHIT people! Noodles are coming in about 9 weeks!

Side note: Some of us have been bantering back and forth about twin strollers. I went with the Baby.Jogger City Select. it and watch the video or see the review at It's brand new and there is a waiting list. If you want one, order it now. I liked it because it's all terrain, has over 16 different configurations, and accommodates 2 car seats at the same time. It's also lighter weight. Not an advertisement here, I'm just sayin.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I've got some kickers. Mr. W thinks maybe football kickers even! I have felt kicks and pokes here and there for the last couple of weeks. But last night Mr. W got to feel them. It was truly amazing and even Mr. W, in all of his calm and smarts, was in awe.

All of this made the nasty virus I have caught bearable. I didn't take any drugs (except zo.fran for obvious reasons) until yesterday. It became apparent that the alternative was to die trying to breathe while coughing up a lung full of green stuff. So I caved and am taking ty.lenol for the raw, sore throat and aches, and suda.fed for the head and ear pressure. Thankfully, there is no fever and I'm negative for strep although I have lost most of my voice. Sleeping upright in bed is a lot of not sleeping at all rather. Instead I watch the clock all night. Get up every 2 hours to walk around, cough up some stuff, have some water, and suck on a Ricola.

Today is the fluid check for noodles. We'll see what else Dr. M can come up with for me, the sickie.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

22 Week Update

I'm a week behind on this post. I'm actually 23 weeks but my last appointment was last Friday.

I had an abbreviated growth scan and noodles were looking good. However, when the tech did the fluid measurements, I caught right away that Baby B has twice as much fluid as Baby A. Of course, I knew what this COULD mean, but I really wasn't that freaked.

And clearly Dr. J knows that I know too much for my own good because the first thing out of his mouth when he came in the room after the scan was, "You do not have twin to twin transfusion. I just want to make that clear." I laughed and said, "you know I saw the fluid measurements and thought I was panicking?" Yes, he said. He went on to say that although Baby B is being a placenta hog and is 3 ounces bigger than Baby A, everything is normal, including both fluid levels and their gestational measurements. BUT...and there was a but....they want to start checking it every 10 days just to be sure it doesn't change significantly. And he reassured me that even if it did start to change, I am far enough along that it shouldn't become a major issue. Ahhh. Insert deep breath here. And, it seems the risks associated with the lost Baby C have largely passed. Insert another deep breath.

So here we are. And here are the stats:

Vomit: Yeah, still at the top of my list. Still taking 8 mg zo.fran once a day and 12 mg phen.ergen at night.
Weight gain: 23 pounds
Other fun side effects: Constipation, out of breath on the stairs, gas bubbles everywhere inside, congestion, and these 4 lovely striped stretch marks appearing below the belly button. Oh, and I can't forget little noodles' kicks and pokes.
Belly Button: In, but the barbel piercing now sits on top of my belly & it looks funny sticking out of my clothes.
Food aversions: everything, but I'm hungry all the time.
Food cravings: none
Baby A: 14 ounces, transverse above my pelvis
Baby B: 1 lb. 1 ounce, transverse above Baby A
Cervix: 4 cm (down from 6cm at 18 weeks)
Work: Mostly half-time, or half-assed, depending on how you look at it.
Swimming: The mild weather has been great. Last week I swam every day. This week it's raining, and I'm a wimp.
Baby room & stuff: Not yet. Although I'm working my way toward the realization that I need to get going on this!
ETA: Dr. J would love to see me go 37 weeks. I'll be surprised if that's the case, so I've set my mental sights on 35 weeks. It helps me get through these pre-viability weeks and keeps me focused. That means May 5th is on the brain...only 12 weeks left to go!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nugget Box

It's my 100th blog post! (Ooooohh, ahhhhhh.) And I'm 22 weeks! (insert big grin here) and as such, I will dispense with the whining for the day.

I have been assembling a little box for nuggets (affectionately known as Linguine and Fettuccine since they're bigger than nuggets now!!) It's a cute bamboo box with a cloth liner and lid. When it's full (which it almost is) I will put it away for nuggets until they are older.

Here is what's in the box so far:

-All the records (2 binders worth) from my IVF cycles.
-An empty box or vial of each drug I've ever taken since this started, and its package insert. I figured if they find out in 20 years that zo.fran causes weirdness, nuggets should know their mother popped it like candy.
-Mr. W and I were marvelling the other day that few parents have pictures of their kids as embryos. So I have the embryo pics and of course, the ultrasound pics in there.
- All of the positive pee sticks.
-A copy of this blog. Should nuggets decide to become assholes one day, maybe reading my blog will make them think better of it.

And the beauty of all of this boxing? It means I am cleaning up this stuff that has haunted me for months and years. I am packing this baggage away to be opened later, under different circumstances. I am cleaning off the wet bar counter in the master bedroom (command central for the last year), the nightstand, the bathroom counter, and everywhere else IF has accumulated. I sent left over saline vials and needles to Mr. W's office. I have tossed the royal jelly and Chinese herbs, and flushed what was left of the DHEA. Nuggets' box will be all that remains. And although I'm tempted to throw the box to the bottom of the ocean, I will keep it on a shelf for the noodles to ponder over another day.