Monday, December 28, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

I watched the Sound of Music last night and it prompted me to make a list of my "new" favorite things.

1) Maternity underwear
2) A humidifier in the bedroom
3) My favorite place to be - the bathtub
4) A step stool into bed (which the purry ones now enjoy using also)
5) Fiber powder in my drinks
6) Feeling what I think is a little poke inside
7) Getting through the day without vomiting
8) Dr's approval to drink c.oke to settle thy stomach
9) Not paying a bill for IF for 3 months in a row now
10) Kissing 2009 good bye and good riddance

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And the verdict

Interesting that the majority of you voted for girls.

I had my own ideas, based on how sick I've been (Hcg levels are typically higher in males) and based on some little embryology research I had done a few months ago (faster dividing cells are more common in males). We had one embryo that was dividing ahead of schedule and was dividing as they transferred.

And must have been the one to continue dividing after implantation because we are having BOYS! We are totally excited. I rattled off a list of things to Mr. W that I think makes having boys fabulous:

1) No hair, make-up or nail issues
2) No fighting over the bathroom
3) Less drama
4) No weddings to pay for :)
5) No other female hormones to deal with in the house besides mine!

A colleague (who suffers horribly from Florence Nightingale syndrome) has already given them Christmas gifts. (She had to be the FIRST.)

And ok, my confession. I caved and bought one thing. It's a book I saw in a cute little shop the day after my retrieval. I remember looking at it and wishing one day that I could read it to the little nugget(s). I figured it was a pipe dream and forbade myself from buying it for fear of jinxing everything. This whole time it has been the only little baby thing I could think about so I broke down and finally ordered it. I really wanted to go back to the little shop and buy it in person, but that's probably not very realistic at this point. You can see it here.

Merry Christmas everyone, especially EB, whose Christmas gift of a big fat positive, just arrived!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Closet

I hate shopping.

Bless the internet, because I have been able to avoid live shopping for years.

But the situation in my closet has changed all of that, at least temporarily. I have been segmenting clothes in the closet into categories:

Those I won't see again for a very long time.
Those I can squeeze into now for the last week and will likely want sooner after the party is over.
Those that have opportunity left in them for maybe a few more weeks and am willing to stretch and destroy as necessary.

The latter category is seriously lacking, thus requiring a visit to the maternity store yesterday.
With Mr. W in tow, I was able to quickly whirl through the store, try on as many pieces as I could, and escape with a few versatile options. But not before the salesperson tried to sell me more pants, lotions, a college savings plan, some restaurant thing, and who knows what else. Plus, in order to make my damn purchase, I had to register my name, address, phone number, and due date. WTF???

Fortunately, I think I did enough size and style analysis that I won't have to go back and can internet shop once again as needed.

Monday, December 7, 2009

And Then There Were...


We lost Baby C, our singleton, last week. An ultrasound showed the heart had stopped.

The twins look good and we are grateful for them. Inside the sadness and grief is hope and optimism. Hope that the other two will continue on a healthy journey, and optimism about the improved prognosis for them and me.