Monday, February 15, 2010


I've got some kickers. Mr. W thinks maybe football kickers even! I have felt kicks and pokes here and there for the last couple of weeks. But last night Mr. W got to feel them. It was truly amazing and even Mr. W, in all of his calm and smarts, was in awe.

All of this made the nasty virus I have caught bearable. I didn't take any drugs (except zo.fran for obvious reasons) until yesterday. It became apparent that the alternative was to die trying to breathe while coughing up a lung full of green stuff. So I caved and am taking ty.lenol for the raw, sore throat and aches, and suda.fed for the head and ear pressure. Thankfully, there is no fever and I'm negative for strep although I have lost most of my voice. Sleeping upright in bed is a lot of not sleeping at all rather. Instead I watch the clock all night. Get up every 2 hours to walk around, cough up some stuff, have some water, and suck on a Ricola.

Today is the fluid check for noodles. We'll see what else Dr. M can come up with for me, the sickie.


  1. Wow!!! I love feeling the kicks!!!!! They did keep me up last night - they are getting stronger and with both moving at the same time - and her feet in my ribs - it was like a mosh pit!

    I am sorry that you are sick - you definitely have to take care of it - I hate taking medication too but sometimes it is totally and completely necessary.

    I am on zantac for the insane heartburn/reflux and Tylenol for the extreme pelvic pain. Miss MVK - a bloggy friend - was right on when she called a twin pregnancy a puke and pain fest!!!

  2. Oh sweetie, so sorry your so sick. DO you have a bed pillow (a large horseshoe shaped pillow)? Thats the only way I can sleep sitting up since it supports my head and back so well. I do hope you start to feel better soon.

    Good luck on the kickers fluid check. Not that I know what that actually is!!

  3. Gosh, I'm thrilled that you're feeling/seeing the babies move, but feel so badly that you're sick! I hope it's nothing more than a nasty virus that is just about due to expire. Take care, get as much rest as you can, drink those fluids and feel better soon!

  4. your virus sounds shitty and gloopy and no fun at all.
    I hope the fluid check is fabulous and perfect and maybe will include some magic for you too? (steam?)
    so very VERY cool about the kicking!

  5. So sorry to hear you're not well - hope it passes very soon! Sounds like your little quarterbacks are completely immune, though - how amazing it must be for you to share the fun with Mr. W...Hope you can get some sleep tonight!

  6. Hi sweet K,
    hope you are feeling MUCH better--
    I've left a diversionary award on my blog posting for later tonight.