Monday, February 22, 2010

Advice Taken

First off - congrats dear MeKate!!!!! Her recent post left my jaw on the floor with the excitement!

Now for the advice. Most of you said get busy on the baby room. Ok, I'm on it. Others advised (in their own posts) if you think you need to call the doctor, just DO IT.

Last Monday I went back for the fluid check and all was fine. Baby B wasn't being such a placenta hog anymore and the amnio fluid levels were fairly even and generous.

Fast forward to Friday when I decided to meet a client in the afternoon. Mr. W had conveniently offered to drive me. As I got into the car, I started having contractions. But me being me, I figured it was no big deal, they'd go away, and that would be it. As we drove along, Mr W suggested I call the doctor. It was afterall, a Friday. It would be easier to get answers or help if needed before the weekend. And so I did. And they wanted me to come in right then.

Of course they hooked me up to the monitor and of course, by the time I got there, nothing was going on. Ok, well there was one small contraction and a few blips on the page which they said amounted to a crabby uterus. Uh, could it be because I had been coughing up both lungs for the past week? Uh, yes, it could.

The good news is that my stubborn cervix should continue to save the day. They measured it again and found it was a whopping 4.8 cm. Doc of the day said as a result, I have a less than 5% chance of going into labor before 32 weeks even if the uterus continues to be cranky, but that they will likely do a c-section around 34 or 35 weeks. Ok then! I can handle that!

I'm not on official bed rest, but I'm in take it easy mode, with no unnecessary trips on the stairs. It's not all peaches and cream, but being confined to the bedroom doesn't completely suck. I have a nice flat screen, a fireplace, a sofa, a deck for fresh air, a view of 2 gorgeous snow-covered mountains, and a wet bar that Mr. W stocks for me every morning. I am catching up on emails, hanging out on a little more, shopping online, playing with the purry ones who adore the fact that I am in permanent lounge mode, and making lists. I'm about to start on a couple of books too. On the good days, I will use my stair trip to get into the swimming pool. And for the first time in about 18 years, I won't be working!!!

It's starting to hit me. HOLY SHIT people! Noodles are coming in about 9 weeks!

Side note: Some of us have been bantering back and forth about twin strollers. I went with the Baby.Jogger City Select. it and watch the video or see the review at It's brand new and there is a waiting list. If you want one, order it now. I liked it because it's all terrain, has over 16 different configurations, and accommodates 2 car seats at the same time. It's also lighter weight. Not an advertisement here, I'm just sayin.


  1. Good for you for advocating for yourself and playing it safe! Your bed rest sounds awesome!

    We are using the double snap n go at first - we are just about decided on the BOB but I am going to check out the city select...

    Grow Noodles Grow!

  2. Wow, I can't believe just 9 more weeks! Good thing you have that stubborn cervix! That must have been a relief to find out things are okay. And so nice that you have a beautiful place to rest and hang out. Take care and I hope the coughing has subsided!

  3. so glad to hear that all is well! Remember I had those crazy contractions for weeks, and never had any issue with my cervix. Sounds like you will be the same :) Hope the coughing is better.