Thursday, February 11, 2010

22 Week Update

I'm a week behind on this post. I'm actually 23 weeks but my last appointment was last Friday.

I had an abbreviated growth scan and noodles were looking good. However, when the tech did the fluid measurements, I caught right away that Baby B has twice as much fluid as Baby A. Of course, I knew what this COULD mean, but I really wasn't that freaked.

And clearly Dr. J knows that I know too much for my own good because the first thing out of his mouth when he came in the room after the scan was, "You do not have twin to twin transfusion. I just want to make that clear." I laughed and said, "you know I saw the fluid measurements and thought I was panicking?" Yes, he said. He went on to say that although Baby B is being a placenta hog and is 3 ounces bigger than Baby A, everything is normal, including both fluid levels and their gestational measurements. BUT...and there was a but....they want to start checking it every 10 days just to be sure it doesn't change significantly. And he reassured me that even if it did start to change, I am far enough along that it shouldn't become a major issue. Ahhh. Insert deep breath here. And, it seems the risks associated with the lost Baby C have largely passed. Insert another deep breath.

So here we are. And here are the stats:

Vomit: Yeah, still at the top of my list. Still taking 8 mg zo.fran once a day and 12 mg phen.ergen at night.
Weight gain: 23 pounds
Other fun side effects: Constipation, out of breath on the stairs, gas bubbles everywhere inside, congestion, and these 4 lovely striped stretch marks appearing below the belly button. Oh, and I can't forget little noodles' kicks and pokes.
Belly Button: In, but the barbel piercing now sits on top of my belly & it looks funny sticking out of my clothes.
Food aversions: everything, but I'm hungry all the time.
Food cravings: none
Baby A: 14 ounces, transverse above my pelvis
Baby B: 1 lb. 1 ounce, transverse above Baby A
Cervix: 4 cm (down from 6cm at 18 weeks)
Work: Mostly half-time, or half-assed, depending on how you look at it.
Swimming: The mild weather has been great. Last week I swam every day. This week it's raining, and I'm a wimp.
Baby room & stuff: Not yet. Although I'm working my way toward the realization that I need to get going on this!
ETA: Dr. J would love to see me go 37 weeks. I'll be surprised if that's the case, so I've set my mental sights on 35 weeks. It helps me get through these pre-viability weeks and keeps me focused. That means May 5th is on the brain...only 12 weeks left to go!


  1. Love the barbell image, thank you!
    Oh K, the fluid thing sounds scary ( I would have freaked out),
    but they know you so well!
    things sound good, and they'll be checking, and they were reassuring and all of that is good.
    You are doing great, sorry about the barforama, and the constipation (anything safe to take? eat Quinoa?)

    Happy happy 23rd week and c'mon May 5th!

    hang in there sweetie,

  2. I am glad to hear that things are going well!!! And you are swimming - that is amazing!!!!

    My stretch marks are growing...

    Also - get the nursery done asap! The third tri is ROUGH I am so glad that we got most of the work done in the 2nd tri!

  3. Best post so far. I love all the details and the bubbles - isn't that the noodles hiccuping? that was what I was told.
    Oh man, happy 23rd week indeed. Love it!

  4. The every-10-day check will be comforting. Silly little B...stop hogging the placenta, will you? Share the nutrition with your brother! And yes, take it from me (who waited a wee bit too long) get going on the baby room! Not only is it FUN, furniture order/delivery can take longer than you think! You sound wonderful though, and I'm glad the babes are doing well.

  5. The fluid thing sounds very scary. I'm glad to know they will be keeping a close eye on your and the noodles. So glad that you got to go swimming, it sounds wonderful. And the bar bell piercing. I would never have guessed. You're a rebel!

  6. Sounds like things are ticking along. I'm sure they will continue to do so for you.