Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nugget Box

It's my 100th blog post! (Ooooohh, ahhhhhh.) And I'm 22 weeks! (insert big grin here) and as such, I will dispense with the whining for the day.

I have been assembling a little box for nuggets (affectionately known as Linguine and Fettuccine since they're bigger than nuggets now!!) It's a cute bamboo box with a cloth liner and lid. When it's full (which it almost is) I will put it away for nuggets until they are older.

Here is what's in the box so far:

-All the records (2 binders worth) from my IVF cycles.
-An empty box or vial of each drug I've ever taken since this started, and its package insert. I figured if they find out in 20 years that zo.fran causes weirdness, nuggets should know their mother popped it like candy.
-Mr. W and I were marvelling the other day that few parents have pictures of their kids as embryos. So I have the embryo pics and of course, the ultrasound pics in there.
- All of the positive pee sticks.
-A copy of this blog. Should nuggets decide to become assholes one day, maybe reading my blog will make them think better of it.

And the beauty of all of this boxing? It means I am cleaning up this stuff that has haunted me for months and years. I am packing this baggage away to be opened later, under different circumstances. I am cleaning off the wet bar counter in the master bedroom (command central for the last year), the nightstand, the bathroom counter, and everywhere else IF has accumulated. I sent left over saline vials and needles to Mr. W's office. I have tossed the royal jelly and Chinese herbs, and flushed what was left of the DHEA. Nuggets' box will be all that remains. And although I'm tempted to throw the box to the bottom of the ocean, I will keep it on a shelf for the noodles to ponder over another day.


  1. Yay for you! I bet it's such a great feeling to be rid of that stuff! (And yay for 22 weeks!)

  2. You go girl! That is great! I keep telling Mr. M to remind them what we (I) went through to bring them here when they start to be bratty!

  3. LOL.....I love the line "if the nuggets decide to become assholes one day" I am guessing your children won't, but it does sound like a good project for you!

  4. Cool idea! Although I'm not sure how long the pee sticks will last (I suspect that eventually the windows will go blank).

  5. Very cool! It makes me wonder if they "the nuggets" or mine "the monsters" would find this stuff icky or fascinating.

  6. Happy 22 weeks! Woo-hoo! I love the idea of the box, and especially the part about if nuggets become assholes one day! (I hope you include this post in the box!)