Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today Is Today

I am happy to finally be current on my blog dates. Today is really March 19th and I am 4 days into my new stim cycle. Already things feel different. I still have great headaches and hot flashes but I'm also starting to see signs of the sta-puff marshmallow man. The wedding rings are off and I have a little bloating around one calf. Oh, and I'm starving. All the time.

I am also noticeably more "checked out". Focusing on anything is virtually impossible, especially things like work and oh..... driving. Yesterday I managed to blow past a school bus stopped with its red lights on and when I realized what I did, I only half cared. Fortunately, I'm able to work from my home office quite a bit. However, this morning the headache that started at 4 am was still beating me in the face when I tried to get up, so I stayed in bed with my laptop and phone, pretending to talk to clients while simultaneously contemplating my navel.

The kinda cool thing is, I got so involved in reading some other blogs that I almost missed my first u/s and e2 check this morning! Fortunately RE was running a bit late, so my tardiness wasn't noticed.

The good news is my e2 is 272 and I've got one side going to town with follies at 8,9,10, & 12. The other side is a little slower, but still has opportunity. RE is happy with these results and wants me back in 2 days. If all goes as planned, I will trigger on the 25th and retrieve on the 27th. I am cautiously optimistic, but a little concerned about the bloating this early on.


  1. Oh, I know the "checked out" feeling so well. It's hard to focus on anything with all the injectables in one's body. I'm sorry to read that your 1st cycle was canceled last month. It sounds like this cycle is going well, though. Good luck with your last few days of stimming - may this cycle be the only one you'll need. I hope those headaches have subsided. Btw, I found you on cyclesista. (I'm triggering tonight, with retrieval Monday.)

  2. we can't have u missing appts...(wink)

    Can't wait for next update.