Wednesday, March 18, 2009

D Day (D is for Decision)

It's Friday the 13th (of February, I promise I'm catching up) and RE has asked if I think anything is going on inside of me? Well gee whiz've got the magic wand, let's find out! (Truth is, I'm pretty sure the lights are out.) And sure enough, they are. I've got one follie at 9, maybe one at 7, and the rest (maybe 10 or so) hit the snooze button. I also have an e2 of 107 and I'm at stim day 8.

RE huffs a big sigh and sifts through my chart. And then he says......wait for it......Are you sure you're taking the meds? I thought Mr. W, who has never hit another human being in his life, was going to lunge over the table & u/s machine and stab the RE with the magic wand! I'm thinking, RE can't be serious but then he says, it looks like I haven't taken a single drug and am having a natural cycle. I must be overly suppressed from the BCPS and the Lupron. shut down completely. RE advises we cancel, there is no point in using the remaining drugs or going through the process for possibly one follie.

Ok, fine. I can't say I was surprised by this, but it still f -ing hurts. The nurse says at least I'll have some meds left over. Ok, yeah, and can I take the remaining stuff out of the Follistim pen vials with a regular needle and use that too? Sure, she says.......oh, but it will be expired before your next cycle start date if you've punctured the vials already with the pen. You'll have to throw them out. WTF? Uh, who missed passing that memo on? I have 7 punctured vials with juice left that I am to toss? Everyone vacates the room. Mr. W and I stand there looking at each other speechless. Make the call, he says.

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