Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Bun in HIS oven

RE is on vacation this week, so the NP is wielding the magic wand at my second check yesterday. NP is nice but lacks the authority with the wand and struggles to find what we're all looking for. Super Doc is watching patiently and biting his tongue. I can tell he wants to jerk the wand out of her hand and do it himself. After cramming the probe up through my throat she sees 4 and 4 on each side (from 14.5 to 7, with 4 over 10) and a few more bringing up the rear. Super Doc is certain she missed a big follie right off the bat. So it's anybody's guess as to what I've got now, except things are still moving forward and my e2 is 541. Today I start the Ganirelix shots (remember I am sans Lupron and BCPS due to a total body shutdown on IVF#1). Tomorrow NP will poke around a little more and I'm still T -3 days and counting until trigger. RE will not be present for the planned retrieval Friday, so this could get really interesting.

Meanwhile I'm recently slammed at work and am trying to navigate my week, clients & friends who know nothing, and Mr. W who has grandiose ideas about all of the things we need to do before Friday (and next weekend if I'm "up for it."). Stress shuts me down, so I prefer to nap it off. Stress has the opposite affect on Mr. W so he decides to start building a pizza oven in our backyard. (I think there is some weird female-envy induced symbolism here....or not.) In any case, Mr. W has made serious progress on the oven and has even documented construction with the video camera. I soon realize the oven project has impeccable timing for Mr. W, who will be banished to the caves of celibacy for the remainder of the week and now has an acceptable diversion!


  1. The title of this post made me smile, and the symbolism had me laughing out loud. A suitable diversion for Mr. W, indeed. May there soon be a bun in both ovens.

  2. Good golly, you gotta love getting the amateur nurse or tech who can't find their way around your ovaries.

    Love the pizza oven symbolism. Mmmmm, pizza.