Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Determined to learn everything I could in ten minutes following RE's spectacular news, I googled IVF poor responders and came up with an interesting article published by a Top Doc from a clinic out of my area. The article listed several alternative protocols for poor stim responders. I also learned (ignorant me) that clinics such as mine, with high success rates, will often cancel cycles to avoid lowering their statistics. I was intrigued by the info and passed it along to Mr. W for review, who agreed it was interesting. Although Top Doc's clinic was 600 miles away, it's an easy flight (or day's drive) and presented an alternative option or at least a second opinion if Friday the 13th proved catastrophic to this cycle.

Mr. W, frequently in control of his emotions, has now taken a business approach to this process and wants to vote with his pocketbook. He has grown disgusted with the cattle call (my clinic claims to do 40 IVF transfer per month, and yes, we are stacked and racked frequently in the waiting room, at the blood draw, and at checkout) and wants to take his cash somewhere else.


  1. Just wanted to send u some hugs((HUGS))
    Flower from cyclesista

  2. So do tell, where is this top clinic? I am in need of a second opionion.

    Interesting, the lupron flare protocol worked for me sort of. I had 6 follicles, apparently that is good for someone my age (41)

    Wishing you all the best in you current cycle.