Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Politics of IVF

Crazy as it sounds, I feel like I'm actually responding to the drugs I quit taking a few weeks ago. I am swelling up like a balloon, my clothes are tight, I can't get my wedding rings on, and I have gained 10 pounds in less than a week. RE's nurse is hounding me on the phone to get in ASAP for another mock transfer. I'm working on some schedule changes, I say (true).... can you fax me a copy of the proposed calendar? (Our conference call with Top Doc is in a few hours and I want to have the protocol in front of me.)

The conference call reveals that both clinics (with slight variations and timing changes) have come up with virtually the same protocol so Mr. W and I are left to make a decision. All protocols considered equal, staying in town and avoiding additional travel expenses seems most logical. However, Mr. W is still waiving his wallet around on a soap box as a matter of principle. Think how much better and more comfortable you felt at Top Doc's clinic, he says. He's right. But think how much stress the additional travel could add, I respond. (I'm right, he admits.) I remind him this is not about political agendas and we need to do what's best for the big picture. We agree to do one more cycle in town. I phone RE's nurse back. I can't believe I'm having another mock transfer.

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