Monday, March 16, 2009


It's the morning of cd1 for the beginning of a Lupron Flare protocol. (Remember, I am a slacker and this is really 2/4/09). The BC pills and doxycycline have ended. Here is what my first 2 days looked like:

Lupron microdose injections 20 units - am/pm
Dexamethasone - pm
Aspirin 81mg

Cd3 I add to above:
150 units of Menopur injection - am
300 IU of Follistim injection - pm

I organized everything into plastic bins (each drug with its respective needle) with printed labels, taped my calendar & checklist to the counter, and lined up all the bottles.

As I stared at the assortment, neatly displayed on the wet bar in my bedroom with the Follistim and Lupron snug in the Sub-Z underneath, it occurred to me how grateful I am to have this opportunity. We have good insurance, but it doesn't cover any of the medications or treatment. I have shelled out close to $15,000 in the past couple of weeks alone for this one chance. I feel fortunate Mr. Wonderful is willing and able to provide for this chance. I am grateful that Mr. W is by my side. And I am thankful that if this doesn't work out, I will still have my best friend to share my life with. And then, an amazing sense of calm swelled inside of me and I took the first shot.

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  1. Wow! I thought I was organised. I bought a plastic container to put everything in - except I bought one that is too small for the PIO needles. ah well.