Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Friday the 13th, Part 2

It's like the movie Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray wakes up every day and it's February 2nd over and over again, except I'm waking up on Friday the 13th, (only this time it's March) and I'm off to see the wizard again....the one with the magic wand. Just one Friday the 13th ago my IVF #1 was canceled. This time I get another mock transfer (yep, the third). Mr. W has his boxing gloves on when we enter the ring with RE this time. (I begged Mr. W to use restraint....remember RE will have foreign objects crammed in my hoo-hoo....?)

RE is pleasantly surprised. This mock was easy (oh really....? I had no idea.....) and I am good to go for the next cycle. No suppression this time, just a plain ganirelix protocol with Menopur and Follistim. I'm to high-tail it into the clinic the next time AF visits for a u/s. RE is unusally cheery today and has made extensive small talk with Super Doc about his practice. Warm and fuzzy have appeared for the first time in this place.

Apparently HIPAA lives here now too. RE's nurse invites us back to a conference room to discuss my next cycle in private. (Hmmm...guess we've outgrown the chair next to the check out line.) She reviews the protocol and drugs and asks about my supplies. Since I had to toss the leftover Follistim juice and I took a Menopur the morning of my last cancel, I'm going to need refills if this gig goes anywhere. She offers some clinic samples (they have samples of this stuff?????) to get me started when I'm cleared after the next u/s.

Mr. W and I are once again speechless. Walking out to the car he says....Wow, we visited a totally different clinic today. I agree, but I'm not totally sold. He is suspicious Top Doc's office may have called and had a chat and now there is threat of another rooster in the hen house. I rather doubt that......I just think tomorrow will be Saturday the 14th.

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