Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All....or Nothing

I'm cutting to the chase, my news is not good. Somehow, I am down to only 3 contending follicles. I don't know where the other ones went, or what happened. The ones I have are huge (27 and 26, and I stopped listening after he said I only have 3.) My E2 is 1430, so all other things look good. RE's partner has done the u/s today and said my chances of success hover around 10%. They normally cancel cycles where fewer than 4 viable follicles are present, but said it was our call. He said converting to an IUI would be another option. Hardly! After all of this, and the thinking that this was a MFI issue, he officially labeled me as having poor ovarian reserve, despite my normal FSH levels, and all other normal hormones. I am completely blown away and numb. The nurse asks me "if I have any thoughts". It's not like I have a lot of options here......I say. What's the question.....? Do you want to proceed.....she asks? Do most people quit at this point? She tells me if money is no object then we should only takes one. Duh! A really f***ing good one! She said to take the HcG tonight for a Friday 7:30am retrieval. I said F.I.N.E. ......I'm all in. Let's pull the trigger.


  1. Oh wow, what a way to get the news...people who use that "it only takes one" have obviously not experienced a bfn and/or failed cycle recently...
    I'm really sorry and hope that all 3 are super marvelous tomorrow!!

  2. So sorry to hear about your news. That really sucks. One good thing about going through with the retrieval is you will learn if they can get fertilized. With IUI you just never know. Hope all the eggies are grade a and get a date on Friday night.