Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Not an Idiot, I'm Just Asleep!

So far I am a happy camper. Aside from some wacko headaches, hot flashes, and super night sweats, I am feeling pretty great 4 days into the stim shots (cd6). Uh....and apparently that would be the problem. Judging from the rest of ya, I should be pissy, miserable, and complaining about pants that don't fit. Unfortunately, on my first post-stim u/s, RE confirms this. Lights are on, but no body's home. I've got an undetermined number (because they're so fricking small) of follies and a whopping 21 on the e2-Richter scale. I had better results on my natural cylce with only clomiphene for IUI. And clearly, I'm far more pissy on my natural cycle than I am with these injections.

RE explains that it's possible I'm just a late stimmer and need a few more days to kick it up a notch, but by Friday the 13th (nice, and yeah that's still February) we better have a move on. RE is puzzled, looking through my chart, and can't find a reason why I wouldn't respond. Are you giving the shots right?.....he asks. I can have the nurse review it with you......did you watch the video?

For starters, I AM NOT AN IDIOT. Yes, I watched the video, and I DO know how to give shots. Needles don't bother me, nor do they hurt. I have administered insulin to Mr. W (as well as emergency glucagon kits) frequently for the past 20 years. And although my degree is NOT in medicine, Mr. W's is!! So I happen to believe I have adequate supervision, in case I truly am a moron. RE advises us to give it three more days and then be prepared to make a decision. Mr. W is bordering on obscene again, and appears done with what he thinks has become a three-ring circus in our clinic.

For my part, I am angry and depressed, but delve into the internet searching for answers upon our return home. I am not optimistic and contemplate opening all the vials and pouring them down the toilet, to get the same results (nothing). Mr. W. with his unusual sense of humor, says I should look at it like this......we could have taken the $3500 we spent on the drugs to Vegas and put it on black and come up with nothing too. Yeah, but it might have been more fun.

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  1. I would definitely rather put $3,500 on black than have Menopur burn for no reason. lol :)