Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Progress Report

Or lack thereof. Progress that is.

Mr. W has been on the who's who of supplements for the last 2 months straight. He's been going to Ms. TCM. He's been taking his herbs. So on Friday we decided to get an updated SA to see if there has been any change in the severe MFI.

The verdict? It's all worse. There has been a substantial decline, so much so, that I'm in utter disbelief. All of the diet watching, vegetable consumption, antioxidant fixes, alcohol avoidance, and supplements were for not. A complete waste of money, time, and that effing four letter word. Hope.

I feel guilty blogging about this. Mr. W is at work and I had to email the results to him after they were faxed over this morning. We haven't even had a chance to discuss it. I haven't even cried yet. I am just completely numb.

Since most of us internets are statistic whores, here are the numbers:

Count: 1.5 million (down 75%)
Motility: 24% (down 63%)
Morphology: 20% normal (down 41%)

Yeah, I felt your jaw drop.

So now what? I just don't know. A few months ago I asked Mr. W to have some samples cryo'd. He thought I was being rediculous and so he didn't. Now, I'm really wishing we had, but I'm thinking maybe we still should. There was one very small improvement. So small, it's almost not even measurable. His swim-ups have been zero in the past. This time it was .04. Almost zero, but not, and obviously still abnormal. (0.2 and above is normal...note the decimal place.)

The crazy thing in all of this is his last endocrinology appointment was really pretty good. (Remember he has Type 1 diabetes.) His A1C had dropped a tiny bit, his cholesterol was WAY down, and his blood pressure was perfect. We even thought the supplement regime may have had an impact, along with diet.

It's sunny and approaching 90 degrees today. We're heading to our beach house with friends this weekend. I am down 10 pounds from my IVF weight. I guess there are still a lot of other things in life that I want to do besides have children. I'm trying really hard to find a bright spot in today. Sigh....My endo.scopy is tomorrow. I can only imagine what fabulous findings we'll have with that.


  1. oh sweetie, I am so sorry I don't know what else to say ((hugs))

  2. Beautiful Haiku! Thank you
    and Dr O, the boston IVF guy said, 1000mg Vit C, 50mg zinc each day for sperm quality (and a basic one-a-day vitamin)

    shit sweetie, I am sorry. I hate trying to move forward and moving backwards instead. how frustrating! Good luck with whatever you try next--

  3. I am so sorry to see this. Our SA results were always such a roller coaster -- they changed so much from time to time, we never knew what to believe.

  4. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. Is there any other reason for it? Has he had a fever lately, etc. etc.?


  5. How was the endo?

  6. I am so sorry. What frustrating news, especially when I know what a cocktail he has been taking. Any ideas from your doctor(s)?

    Do enjoy that time at the beach and take good care of yourself.