Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not Cool

As in freakin hot. It has been 105 degrees for what seems like an eternity. You can fry an egg on the driveway, bake cookies on the dash of your car, and get a sunburn just looking out the window. Our air conditioning broke on Sunday (repaired on Monday thankfully), and the pool is 95 degrees (obviously without the heater on).

But what's REALLY not cool is the bill I got from RE Opinionator #3 for my consult. I was told the consult was $300 which I paid up front. This is the same price as the consults I have paid for at the other 2 clinics. However, the bill shows up today for $529. I am slightly miffed. And, I have a hunch this is what would be billed to my insurance company and would be reduced based on their contracted rate (which I KNOW they have). So really....should I be expected to pay any more out of pocket than the contracted rate they have with my insurance company, although I don't speficially have those benefits? I think not. But we'll see what THEY think. (After I let Mr. W call them. Tee hee.)

Not cool. Very not cool.


  1. I say on your behalf: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  2. That is annoying! Hopefully they will figure out their mistake with an apology!

    We are hot up here in Seattle, too. It is no good, but thank goodness your A/C is fixed!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Sending you lots of luck and cool breezes.

  3. I saw on tv that the northwest is breaking all kinds of heat records. Sorry! Hoping it cools down for you soon. As for the bill, I'd be raging too. Glad you have Mr. W (although he should say, "Hello, this is DOCTOR W....") to make the call. You know, they're always out to gouge you! I hope you win this one.

  4. Blech! What an unhappy surprise. Maybe you can just leave the bill on the sidwalk and let it spontaneously combust in the heat?

  5. Happy birthday (belated but happy anyway!)
    and thank you for your kind words as I test like an OCD beagle in a peestick park.

    and you, the hot, the annoying as all hell cost for the consult, well, dang.
    Hope your sweetie is MUCH better post-kidney stone.

    and thank you THANK you for being so supportive.


  6. Hot AND ripped off! Grrrrrrr!
    Hell hath no fury like an overheated AND scorned woman! Go get 'em!

  7. Not cool! I hope you stay cool!

  8. Hey! I gave you an award, lady! Come see! ;-)