Saturday, July 11, 2009

Not Enough Emoticons

My creativity is somewhat sapped, so I decided to summarize my past week like this:

1) Happiness: From finally wearing my wedding rings again for the first time in over 2 months.

2) Encouragement: In having dropped 12 of those IVF pounds. (See #1)

3) Control: In skipping out on 4 days of court depositions I was supposed to be in this past week.

4) Disgust: For the amount of money spent on attorney fees for above, that could have been spent on another IVF cycle.

5) Pleasure: In the freshly wood-fired pizza Mr. W made in his oven last night.

6) Relief: That the stray bullet yesterday veered into my tire and exited out the wheel, instead of through me.

7) Sadness: That I see Mr. W's parents aging quickly before my eyes and that they may never meet another grandchild.

8) Hope: That this next IVF cycle will work and that we will make the right clinic decision.

9) Bummed: That Mr. W is leaving for his annual fishing trip to Alaska soon.

10) Desperate: For this black cloud to move on its way.


  1. Wait a minute. Let's move back to #6. Stray bullet?! Where were you driving? Now I have to be worried about your safety too?! Congratulations on the weight loss, and keep in more frequent blogger contact when your DH goes on his fishing trip. But really, please be careful where you are driving!

  2. Stray bullet??? What is going on out there?? I am glad that you are okay! I too vote for the black cloud moving on.

  3. What a week of emotions! I don't blame you for being sapped! I hope you're able to find some respite this weekend and that the black cloud moves on its way. I'm really glad I've found your blog - I'm turning 38 in a couple of weeks and I started my IUIs around the same time as you. I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

  4. Stray bullet?!?!? I hope that you're doing OK.

    And on a much more mundane note, congrats on losing the IVF weight. That is a HUGE accomplishment!

  5. I am raising a ruckus and blowing 'til my cheeks hurt to make that cloud move along.

  6. oh my goodness K, such a week! it sounds like a lifetime's worth. The bullet scared me more than anything,
    glad you are ok
    and oh my my enough of THAT sort of excitement, ok?
    just the baby kind.
    take care and hope the dark cloud moves away quickly

  7. Stray bullet, WTF?!? K-I hope you aren't visiting my old neighborhood. Sorry there is so much going on. Hoping this is the magic month for you. Thanks for coming to visit me and post a comments on my blog. I have spent my morning reading your entire story and wish I could have been there earlier, but now I'm happily in your posse.