Sunday, June 28, 2009

Threes Come In Pairs

Yep, we did it again. DIY IUI # 3. With the brand name OPKs this time. Super Doc said this was the 'best' one yet....meaning easy, highest percentage of contents transferred, and minimal discomfort. So there you have it.

Non-coincidentally I assume, I had a dream last night about my future consult with opinion #3 (scheduled for next month). If you're the superstitious type, then you'd be running to schedule the appointment with opinion #2 based on the foreshadow that occurred. In any case, I'll give #3 the benefit of the doubt and wait for the consult before I play judge and jury.

All of this seems so "last year" compared to Sprog's most outstanding news. If you're new to this planet and have not been 'graced' with Sprog's writings (pun intended), then you must run (not walk) and check out her news.


  1. good luck!! fingers crossed!
    I am so impressed you do DIY IUI's.

  2. Good luck and I am glad this was the easiest yet!
    Hope hope hope it works.


  3. Ok, third time's a charm, right? Right! Let's hope it's the summer of success!

  4. Yay for DIY IUI#3!!!!

  5. Thinking all sorts of good thoughts for your lucky third DIY IUI. Here's hoping you can retire the headlamp. ;)