Saturday, April 4, 2009


I haven't felt like blogging. Not sure why...except I'm sure my body is in a mass state of confusion. And propping my laptop up in the air on bed rest got old really fast.

I am 3dp5dt. Other than RE's "third time's a charm" speculum experiment, and oh, we forgot to give you the Valium ahead of time, and could you just pee out one cup and then stop? transfer was uneventful. Even the pre and post acupuncture was "oh hum". I had 2 embryos make it to blast and both were transferred. All bets are off. As is customary at my clinic, everyone had a poker face. The embryologists would not grade my embryos (or at least tell me what it was), and the RE didn't have a lot to say, except they looked "good" ,"be positive," and "the transfer was a piece of cake." For who? I did manage to get a photo of the embryos (had to ask 3 times) and so I've been comparing them online to everything else. Yeah....they're embryos, and I could tell they were at early blast stage, but that's about it. Super Doc (who's had a whopping 2 embryology classes 15 years ago) thinks they look great! I think he would say regurgitated peanuts looked great right now if I showed him a picture of it.

Anyway, my point was that the continued total lack of information or "secrecy" has me miffed. It's been that way from the very beginning....they wouldn't even tell me what e2 levels they were looking for during my stim days. I had to look it up on the internet. Does it change things if I know or not? No, it doesn't. But I have a RIGHT to know any and all matters of my medical health. Needless to say, we are done with this clinic, regardless of outcome. that I got that off of me....I generally feel pretty crummy. Did I mention grumpy? I was crampy the first 2 days and exhausted, now I'm nauseous & dizzy most afternoons. It's anybody's guess....all are signs of a BFP and side effects of the PIO. The up side is now that the Medrol is done, I'm finally sleeping better. Yay. And, I've lost 10 pounds since retrieval day. Another yay, except it's not like anyone would notice. The down side is I have booked myself some client appointments this week to pass the time for the 2ww, which means I have to concentrate, or at least try to get on with my life. And, my kitchen is being photographed for an advertisement on Thursday which means I have to clean the f-ing house. At my rate, it's going to take me the next 4 days to get it done.


  1. I hope time goes fast for you. You are going to be busy. I can't wait for you to POAS! Sending you only positive vibes.

  2. Sending you well wishes. I hope the wait goes by really fast! I hate the wait. You should be given that info from your clinic. That is kinda crazy that they don't tell you. Sorry hon! Hopefully, you won't have to go anywhere else because this will result in a BFP!!!