Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing

I have nothing to report. I have resisted temptation to POAS, despite some of the blogging world's urgings (and Mr. W's). But I'm convinced nothing is going on inside of me, other than a few PIO side effect remnants. I haven managed to occupy myself with enough work the last 2 days to semi-ignore the nauseousness. Although I'm still a bit dizzy, especially when driving. Nice.

Today I had a long chat with an acquaintance/shirt-tail friend who went through IVF successfully at almost 41 last year. Amazingly, she had a whopping 12 embies when it was all over and ended up with 9 (yah 9!) frosties. Mr. W had posed an interesting question to me this morning and asked me to relay it to my friend T. He wanted to know if she would consider letting us adopt some of her frosties if this doesn't work out for us. I'm fairly certain we've both decided against DE and DS so this presented an interesting scenario. Ironically, T and her DH mimic the ethnic backgrounds of Mr. W and I exactly. She is mixed Northern European and her DH is 100% off the boat Italian.

So when I carefully and rather lengthily presented the scenario to T on the phone she blurted out yes before I could even finish. I was stunned...and then she dropped the bomb. She had just signed the release papers and donated her frosties to stem cell research. I was too late. Sigh....it was a thought, and one with ramifications, no doubt. But I was intrigued by it. In any case we had a pleasant and very supportive conversation and she of course told me to go POAS and then not even take that so seriously. She also visited a clinic different from mine and gave me some great insight into getting what would be our third opinion.

I am SOOO not trying to be negative because I know nothing yet. But dammit, I am such a freakin planner and I'm always looking at the angles....I can't turn it off. And clearly it's what's gotten me in this mess in the first place.


  1. I sure hope you are wrong and that you got something going on in your belly (wink) That was nice of your friend and sorry that you were too late...but I am praying that you won't need it (((HUGS)))

  2. Glad that I am not the only one resisting the urge to POAS! I actually almost broke down this morning, but the Mr. said No Way.

    I left a little something for you on my blog...hopefully it will help distract you!

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