Thursday, April 9, 2009

PIO Hell

After two very productive work days I assumed I would take yesterday to catch up on things around the house, maybe pay a few bills, and clean up for the kitchen photo shoot today. NOT!

I woke up yesterday at 5:30am unable to go back to sleep, so Mr. W took me out for breakfast. I came home and had a leisurely read of the WSJ and figured I'd get started on the tasks. And then it hit me. An overwhelming feeling of exhaustion, nauseousness, and cramps. I decided to lie down for a just a few minutes but ended up sleeping through lunch and woke up three hours later. My cell phone had been ringing, Mr. W was texting me, wondering why I no-showed for our lunch date and what was wrong. I drug myself out of bed only to find all the rooms spinning. Clearly I was not going to get shit done. And so I went back to bed and stayed there the rest of the day and night, popping the only allowable poor excuse for a pain reliever. Super Doc is convinced I am double knocked up. Me, not so much. I think I am just in PIO hell.

I did manage to move the photo shoot to next week, so this morning I am at least feeling a bit less pressure. There is a clam tide at the coast this weekend, so Mr. W has bravely decided to load both me and his BFF with the new knee joint up for a trip to our beach house tomorrow. It's not like I or BFF can dig any damn clams in our current conditions, but what the heck. And yes, tomorrow is Beta day for me, so I get to drag both Mr. W and his BFF with me for the poke stop on the way out of town. Sadly, I just recently disconnected our internet service at the beach, so I may be out of touch unless I can drag myself to the store today and pick up an air card for the laptop.

Barefoot betas today, so I must stay in contact!


  1. I will be stalking you tomorrow for your results.

  2. Thinking of you on this last day of waiting! It is so, so hard. I've had the super-fatigue going on for the last few days -- it's so hard stay with it!

    I'm sending all kinds of good vibes your way, and can't wait to hear your results tomorrow. They'll call you tomorrow, right? RIGHT?