Monday, October 12, 2009


Well hello there. And welcome new followers. I have unburied myself from the hell that was tax completion 2008 and just before the final deadline. Whew.

The other day I was thinking about this blog and about how much it's all about me. (Hey, I'm writing it. It's about my most inner medical workings. Seems fair it's all about me.) But I realized as I stared at Mr. W (without his knowing) that this is his journey too. And that without him I likely wouldn't have been in this mess to start with! Uh-uhm, what I meant to say was, without him, I would not be who I am. And that made me think about sharing the reasons I heart this guy and why he is Mr. Wonderful.

- By nature, Mr. W is a hunter, a gatherer, a fixer, a tinkerer, an inventor, and a survivor. I know we will always have food on the table, a roof over our heads, and shoes to wear, even if we were the last people on earth and everything had to be made from scratch. Of course in our case, if we were the last people on earth...we would be just that!

- His dream job is to be a farmer. He thinks it is the noblest of professions and that there is truth in the land and soil.

Picture of the greenhouse he built all himself from the bottom up last summer. It has power, water, a solar fan, and hydraulic opening windows activated by heat. -

- Mr. W is 5'4" tall. (He is the tallest in his family and has me beat by an inch.) And yet, when he walks into a room, you would think he was over 6 feet. He commands attention, in a good, charismatic way. I have always admired this trait about him and am constantly amazed by his presence in a room full of people.

- He can be very spoiling. During our last 2ww he took me to the spa for a facial (to help pass the time). And when we got the positive beta this gorgeous bouquet of flowers appeared. (Color not intended to imply gender, he pointed out.)

- Membership does have it's privileges, and I'm eternally grateful for his ability to pull strings when needed. Like obtaining the results of beta #2. It became apparent that I was going to have a nervous breakdown when I hadn't received the clinic's call with the results. So Super Doc went into the hospital where I'd had the blood work drawn and looked up the results for me. Top Doc's clinic called 3 hours later (at 5pm). I surely would have been in cardiac arrest if I'd had to wait until then.

- Mr. W has brought me breakfast in bed the past two weekends, while proclaiming his intent to keep me literally 'barefoot and pregnant'. I think I can handle a little chivalry now and then.

- I could not do his job. I don't know how he does it, especially now. He sees patients walk in to the hospital in labor and claim they didn't know they were pregnant. He sees women high on meth or heroin about to give birth. He sees women pregnant with their sixth child from the fourth different dad and without means to feed or clothe them. And yet, every day he comes home, recharges his batteries in the garden, and goes back the next day for more. To me, it seems like the ultimate punishment.

- He is humble and unassuming. He picks flowers out of the garden and puts them on the counters around the office. He takes coffee to the nurses at the hospital. When he works on a Saturday, he orders lunch for his entire staff who's working also. He is most commonly seen in the office wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. He wears a costume to work on Halloween and he dresses up for National Talk Like A Pirate Day (which is in September, in case you were wondering).

- He is anti-establishment, dislikes government and politics, and has no use for organized religion.

I could go on...but essentially, Mr. W dances to the beat of his own drum, and that's what I've grown so fond of. And I have no doubt he would raise inquisitive, free-spirited children, who would only get neroses from their mother.


  1. sounds like a wonderful guy. and your children are very lucky to have you both.

  2. Aw, what a sweet tribute. It sounds as if you've got yourself a keeper. ;)

  3. I loved this post! He sounds amazing! You sound great!

  4. I loved to hear more about Mr. W. He sounds absolutely amazing and I'm so glad to know there are people like him and you in this world. I'm really sad that I didn't get to see you when you were in Seattle. We've had major issues on the film set and I had to be "the fixer" for all of them. Grrrrrrrrr. Please let me know the next time you are in town.

  5. You know, I was impressed with each fact, description and event you mention, but what put the whole thing over the top (for me anyway) is that you said he dresses up for Halloween. I really admire a man with a playful side! And the greenhouse is gorgeous! Honey, you've got a super guy there (as if you didn't know)!!!

  6. I would like Mr. W to come to my house and build me a building like that one, filled with windows, so I can lie on my back and watch it snow from all directions and be warm.

    So glad you are ok- and cannot wait to hear about the OB visit. Is it starting to feel real yet?

    and K? Would you be willing to share your clinic name with me?