Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Barfing Turtle

...the name of a new yoga pose Mr. W says I have invented. He made me laugh so hard I had to barf some more.

Hello Zo.fran my old friend. Ok, new friend maybe, but I like the song anyway. OB says the barfing has to stop or she will put me in the hospital. Meet you there, MeInsideout? I was going at it every 2 hours. I daren't wander more than a few feet from a toilet or sink. And I started carrying plastic bags around the house. Even the furry ones couldn't figure out why I had more hairballs than they did. And it was a group event. To watch and hear me barf. Seriously. Feline wonderment.

But alas, Dr. OB was all over it and prescribed 8mg Zo.fran up to 3 times daily. And I am joining the ranks of the living again. I am relieved. Tonight is the season NBA opener and I was terrified how I was going to survive running to the restroom in the huge arena (and not making it) during the game. I know....whah, whah, whah. I am whining and I shouldn't. So I'll just leave it at that.

In other news, I did get the H1.N1 vaccine yesterday. I talked with Dr. OB about it first because the only one I could get is the regular with thimerosal. She said thimerosal was not a big deal and that I should still get it. She also said that they didn't have any, didn't know when they would get it, and if they would even get it without thimerosal. I told her Super Doc had been hoarding a dose for me. Dr. OB was like, what does Super Doc think about thimerosal? Well, he thinks it's fine, I said. And she was like...well there you go, I agree. The vaccine with it is better than not getting the vaccine at all. So it was settled.

And then I posted on FB that I got the vaccine. MISTAKE. Because everyone else wanted it and wanted to know how I got it if it wasn't allowed in the general population yet. Ah, shit. Opened my big mouth. Uhm? I'm not general population anymore? (Nope, didn't use that one.) Uh? I have a backstage pass? (Nope, didn't use that one.) How about...ignore? Yeah, that's the one.


  1. What, the every-two-hour puking hasn't already clued the world in that something is not quite the same about you? ;)

    Seriously, though, I'm sorry you're feeling so foul. Glad to hear the Zofran is working, though.

  2. Yeah, zofran is my good friend - at almost 19 weeks, I still take 16 mg a day. I am glad that you are taking it - the little ones will be fine!

    My practice does not have the H1N1 yet - and I just found out that two people on my floor HAD the swine flu - they are "all better" now but still, our firm has no communication when it comes to that stuff...

  3. LMAO. Barfing turtles. Glad you got RX tho. And whine away women - no survivor guilt please. You deserve to be just as you are, when you are and whenever you are.
    Still totally overjoyed for you.

  4. Glad the zofran has given you some relief...poor woman, I can't imagine barfing that much. And glad you were able to get the vaccine - it's not here yet and I'm frustrated as all get out. Have you got an extra dose for me, I'll drive there. Anyway, try to rest now that you're not barfing and take care of those little ones!

  5. Sorry to hear you were throwing up so much, but happy to hear you are much better! Good for you for getting the vaccine...Take care of yourself and your lovely nuggets!