Saturday, October 17, 2009

Meet the Nuggets

Yeah! Plural!

Right now, they are just sacs. My OB appointment was uhm, early. Really early, because they could not fit me in for a new patient consult for a month if I waited. My OB admitted they aren't used to looking at early sacs as she normally sees people for the first time at 9 or so weeks. She also admitted that she sucks with the ultrasound machine this early and that their equipment is not as high-tech as the IF clinics. Sucks to be among commoners again. Ok, not that much.

Disclaimers aside, I went on Monday for what was supposed to be a 2-hour appointment and ended up spending the better part of the day. The OB was great and was all about "mental health" (as she called it). Meaning she would get me back in for another ultrasound sooner, rather than later, to ease my neurotic tendencies and calm my disaster fantasies. And just for the heck of it, she drew another beta for me. Again, just to be sure. Here is the new cool chart! (Beta was 10,125). (Ok, coming soon on the chart thingy.)

The real shocker...and I hesitate to blog about that there is a third sac. It's not visible in this picture, and it appears to be very small or possibly blighted. The OB actually had a radiologist do another ultrasound to verify. (Part of what took so damn long.) In any case, we are operating under the assumption of a vanishing triplet. That is extremely creepy for me to type. And secretly, I've been keeping of all of these juicy details to myself all week because I've had these strange little feelings of guilt. And I've been convinced that they're all going to vanish right before my eyes. I'm certain nuggets have all died at least three times this week. Save for one undeniable symptom. My middle name is BARF. I have never been so happy to be so effing completely miserably sick.

Symptom checker for us internet whores:

Nausea: Hello
Cramping: Mild & getting milder
Bleeding: No
Weight Gain: lost 2 pounds
Dizziness: slight
Food craving: none
Food aversion: It's all vile. About the only thing I can stomach is Italian sodas, rye crisps, and Laughing.Cow cheese - something I've never eaten before.

And no, none of this has sunk in.


  1. Congratulations K!
    or 3
    and I am just so very happy for you! I imagine that perhaps none of this feels real except for the barfing-- but it is so wonderfully powerfully amazingly real.

    Congratulations seem inadequate as hell, but not knowing how else to say it, I am simply totally thrilled for you.


  2. WOW!!! OMFG I am so happy for you. THis is amazing and wonderful and wonderful and amazing.
    Twins, maybe trips. Good lord women. THis is just terrific.
    ok, barf one up for me.

  3. Wow!! Woo hoo!!! Girl, I am SO happy for you!!!

    FYI, one of my IRL friends had a vanishing triplet and had a lot of the same feelings. ((HUGS)) it has to be hard.

  4. OMG - 2 (or maybe 3 babies)!!! Amazing. What a rollercoaster ride eh?

    I would be a happy barfer too, the early days are so incredibly lacking in evidence - food aversions and vomiting are indeed welcome.

    Congratulations to you and Mr Wonderful.


  5. Such a bittersweet week for you, dear friend!

    First: Hurray for twins!

    Second: I'm sorry the third embryo doesn't seem to have made it - that must be so surreal to think about...I guess if you'd gotten the ultrasound at 9 weeks, you might never have known.

    Hello Nuggets - it's so nice to meet you! You've picked a great mommy there - smart and witty and strong! Congrats!!!

  6. Holy shit -- that is awesome. Really amazingly awesome.
    Who knew that puking could be cause for celebration? Congratulations!!

  7. I am so happy for you!!! Twins or Triplets, it's an amazing thing! And it didn't really truly sunk in for me until my u/s at 9 1/2 weeks when I was released to my ob from my re. And really, it felt 100% real when I got an 11 week u/s and they started looking like babies instead of gummy bears.

    Enjoy it honey, you deserve this!

  8. Here via MeKate, Congratulations! My doc also does nice mental health check ups of u/s to keep me from going mental. Gotta love good OBs!

  9. Congratulations on your nuggets - 2 or 3! So good to hear how attentive and wonderful your OB is, even if their equipment is outdated. And nice that they got you in early. It's a strange time, feeling overjoyed and yet worried at the same time. So often I was sure my baby had disappeared too. I hope that as time goes by you get the reassurance you need and the U/S's give you lots of positive feedback. Sorry about all the barfing, but as you point out, it's a good symptom! I'm so happy for you and looking forward to the next u/s pics!

  10. How fabulous to have two little snuggle nuggets. Sorry about #3, but man - how scary would that be? Good to know you are all barfy and adverse to food - any symptom is a good thing and oh I can't believe we are both here for now. Keep up the good work. You and the nuggets will be in my good thoughts and wishes. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  11. found you via happy for you!!! even the barfing is wonderful, isn't it?! for such a great cause...i'm glad for your sanity's sake that you have a doc who's willing to show you your babies often. i feel like that's one tiny perk that comes from all the shit surrounding least when we do become pregnant we get to see those little babes a lot!! :)

  12. Yay barf! Congratulations on your sacs -- such fabulous news!

    My assvice would be to try not to feel too guilty about any various emotions you feel about the number of sacs/embryos. I was all over the map on that, and tried to keep reminding myself that I never would have known one way or the other if it weren't for the frequent scans.

    So thrilled for you, though! And keep on barfing! ;)

  13. Hey, how are you doing? Hop all is well. thinking of you and your little peanuts.