Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hold The Phone

EB said the kindest words and I just want to thank her. And, she told me to post...about everything! So, I will try harder.

I'm sort of in that guilty feeling place. That place where this starts to turn into a whiny pregnant lady's blog. But the truth is, I haven't moved myself mentally into that category yet. I feel I am still in the IF category with pretend symptoms to play with for awhile.

But today, I received the most amazing phone call. It was random, unexpected, and so genuine.

It was Top Doc.

I was startled to hear her voice on the line and not a nurse. Or someone from the billing office. It was the real live her. And she was calling to see how I was. She asked when my perinatologist appointment was and how I was feeling. She said she'd been doing a lot of thinking about our situation and she just wanted to talk to me. Normally, she counsels patients on reducing when there are three. This time, she said she wasn't so sure. The deciding factor could be if the twins were mono amniotic (sharing an amniotic sac). I told her Mr. W and I knew this was a very risky situation and it was too soon to tell. Still, she was optimistic and supportive and asked that I keep her in the loop and forward the perinatologist reports. I said I would and that I appreciated her call and any opinions she wanted to give.

There are great doctors in this world. And then there are those who have a special gift. When Mr. W and I interviewed REs and agonized over choosing the last clinic we chose in a very unconventional manner, for us anyway. Always the thinkers, analysts, and planners, we typically make charts and lists and graphs and power point presentations to make a decision. This time, we stepped back. "We're forcing it," we both said. And instead, we chose with our hearts. And now I know why.


  1. What a wonderful doctor. And I'm with EB on this - all for one and one for all! I want to hear all about everything! :-)

  2. It's funny when you actually see them as real live caring people and not just doctors, huh? I am so happy for you and your miracles - God wouldn't have given you this gift without thinking you would be ok through it all. People have triplets all of the time :) And you are blessed to have so many people who care about you!

  3. I agree, EB is a pretty special lady. I sometimes feel survivor's guilt too, but your true blog sisters know in their hearts that if it were in YOUR power to fulfill their dreams, you would do it. You can't buffer other people's pain, all you can do is be kind and understanding.

    So nice of Top Doc to call you personally. I'm so glad you chose with your hearts. Sometimes the simplest lessons are the ones that take us the longest to learn!

  4. what a great doc. Goes to show, instinct is a powerful guide.

  5. Congrats on the triplets. I hope all goes well! How exciting! I came over from another blog and was just reading your fact sheet... noticed that you had a cancelled IVF cycle in Feb '09. What did you do differently on your next cycle? I had the same problem with a no stim/cancel in July '09, and I'm debating what to do. The options are donor eggs or a stim w/out lupron. I'm curious to know if you did anything different the second time around?