Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Humble Pie

A lot of the crap and circumstance surrounding the "why we waited so long" mystery is coming to a head. We have been involved in a massive legal battle (going on 4 years now) with trial finally scheduled for later this year. The court appearances, legal fees, attorney meetings, and general stress of the matter has been a key factor in delaying IVF until just recently. Twice last year we were assured an out of court settlement would be reached at mediation. Twice the other party cancelled our mediation only the day before. And so we have muddled along until the last few months, hopelessly trying to let a settlement to the case unburden our IF battles.

Tomorrow Mr. W and I are on the stand for 8 hours worth of depositions. (Part of the reason a May cycle was out of the question anyway.) Our attorney has some confidence that allowing us to be deposed will elicit a settlement from the other party. We are well-spoken, well-documented, and clearly (at this point) persistent. Needless to say, this added pressure spilled a little fuel on the acu-quack fire of late.

And so, Mr. W surprised me with massages for us both at a local spa this evening. It was low-key and took just enough edge off for me to possibly get through this night and the full day tomorrow. And I allowed myself a glass of wine. Oh, and a cupcake after dinner. And although we are not discussing IF issues, he is taking all of his supplements and asked (ok, emailed me) that I order him a 3 month supply of his special herbs. I think of all the IVF cycles we could do if the stress of this case and burden of attorney fees vanished and it makes me sick...and clearly it has.

But tomorrow is progress, I suppose. And today was Mr. W working harder to meet me half way. Thanks Meinsideout for pointing that out. And EB, thank you too for being the research geek that you are.


  1. Wow, the stress you two are under huge and the way you seem to be handling it is remarkable. Hats off to Mr W and K.
    Thanks for the shout out.

  2. Ugh, sorry to hear about the legal issues. I practiced civil litigation for a year before turning to transactional law and the slow, dragged out pace of litigation aggravated me. I hope the depos go well...they can be very stressful. I also hope your opponent settles with you AND pays your attorneys' fees!