Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rice and Research

The TCM diet thingy stinks. I am beyond miserable and I cut out a lot of crap well before I started this, so I'm not buying the caffeine/wine/sugar withdrawals. Been there, done that months ago, thanks. Ms. TCM has me drinking this horrible nasty mix twice a day. It's some poor excuse for a rice-protein-vitamin drink. It's supposed to detoxify my liver. About the best I can do is detoxify my stomach because all I want to do is hurl it up. In any case, I am not feeling great. Horrible headaches, especially at night, and a strange bout with high blood pressure and heart palpitations a few nights ago. And I have incredible joint pain, like what I imagine arthritis to feel like. I stopped taking everything for a day and am gradually adding back the supplements I was on originally. But I think the rice powder and the diet have to go. Ugh.....

Today I called to schedule a consult for my 2nd second opinion. I guess that makes it a third opinion. Mr. W and I are trying to choose which clinic we will grace with our presence next (i.e. throw a bunch of money at). This time, the University clinic got the call. And would you believe they are 2 months out on consults? So I'm back to my investigative work again, if you see me poking around looking for your clinic scoop. (I'm holding out on CC.RM as a last resort.)

BTW, anyone catch the article in the WSJ last week about the lawsuits against bloggers for libel, slander, and copyright violations? Yeah...worth a read.


  1. Yikes. That diet sounds like the pits. And I'll definitely have a look at the article. The last thing I need to do is get sued for something dumb...

  2. Ugh, sorry about the diet. I kind of half-assed the suggestions my acupuncturist gave me -- I could give up only so much. And the herbs were god-awful.

  3. Ugh, I would say stop drinking that stuff! Sorry, but it seems to be causing you some possibly serious side effects! Your body is telling you "no more!" and I would listen! Don't make yourself sick trying to be healthy.

    If you haven't done so already, check out the various clinics you are considering on the CDC website. You can find out the statistics of most clinics, which is a good thing (I think) when trying to assess success rates for various procedures. Go to this website (scroll down to Assisted Reproductive Technology) and use the links to find the info: http://www.cdc.gov/reproductivehealth/Data_Stats/index.htm#Assisted Reproductive Technology

    I hope it helps in your search.

    I found and read the WSJ article you mention. Definitely have to be careful!

  4. DH is on the TCM medicine. YUK!

  5. God that sounds awful-- I am so glad you trust yourself and your body-- you DO know best what is best for you. I think it makes sense to try things, and sometimes it makes sense to back off and get back to what feels better. So good for you for making good choices for yourself to be healthy and more balanced. Good luck, Kate

  6. that truly sounds wretched...I am laying in bed drinking gallons of coffee, imagining it poisoning my shitty eggs but I WILL NOT STOP! I quit completely before IVF 1 - miscarriage. Stopped after transfer for IVF2 - miscarriage. IVF3 stopped after transfer - not pregnant. DIUI1 had a little nip here and there - miscarriage. Diui2 - stopped completely before IUI - not pregnant. Ack.
    But, I echo Kate - do what is best for you, whatever that is. Whatever you can live with and will not regret later.