Friday, May 22, 2009

The Things People Say

And they don't even know it. Standing in a group of colleagues today, I mentioned a particularly long file I've been working on - 9 months to be exact. And then uninformed colleague #1 blurts it out with a perky smile. ".....Just like a pregnancy!"..... I was speechless and then angry. Then incredibly sad and I had to walk away.

Heard a lot of those comments this past week. From people in the know...people who should know better...people who should show a little tact.


  1. BOO on people and their stupid comments. I'm sorry you're hearing these things at a time when it's so difficult.

  2. Gah. Good for you for taking the high road and walking away.

  3. Ugh. I'm so sorry. Those kind of comments are difficult enough when spoken by people who DON'T know, but when people who should have more sensitivity say them, well, it cuts to the bone. Maybe to those people you could respond with a very matter-of-fact tone, saying, "Really? What an interesting thing for you to say." Then leave the words hanging there. They'll get the idea.