Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sesame Street & Fertility Report

Do you remember watching Sesame Street and each day was brought to you by a number and a letter? And throughout the episode the number and letter kept appearing?

Well today is brought to you by the letter K: for K (that's me) and Kate at I Can't Whistle.

It's also brought to you by the number 8! Yep, we both got 8.
It's crazy weird, no? But all good, yes?

And the rest of my story...

8 - Eggs retrieved
7- Mature
7- ICSI'd
5- At 2pn
2 -Still viable but hadn't cleaved yet

Top Doc says she is happy with this. She also noted that the cyst that almost cancelled my cycle was still there so she aspirated it. And it bled. And she didn't know exactly what it was for sure (she threw out some theories) but that we should just watch it.

The bonus news for me was that this retrieval was WAY better than my last. I can't believe it, and that was after Top Doc had prepared me for a possible repeat performance of the retrieval at my last clinic. I think the cocktail was better. The procedure was quicker. I had relatively little pain and actually got up and walked the half mile back to the hotel afterward! (I couldn't walk for over 24 hours last time and I was brutally sick.)

Oh, and can I just mention I don't have to take PIO shots?? Today I started the peanut pellets, otherwise known as Pro.metrium. Tomorrow I start the Viv.elle patch. I've already decided that shoving a peanut up the hoo hoo and putting a sticker on the belly beats PIO in the ass any day. Now if I just put M&Ms up my nose, I'd be a 3-year-old all over again and I could yell at Big Bird on TV.


  1. Great number K - hope you get a lovely embaby for transfer!


  2. I am truly so EXCITED. 7 cooking. with any luck we will have a little rug rat soon. I was ready to call the whole process off after all the pain (emotional, physical and financial) that K went through the first few rounds. My hats off to all the couples putting themselves through this process.

    DH (AKA Mr. W.)

    p.s. all we need now is wine, cheese, a copy of Oceans 11 and our kitties.

  3. Great to hear that your retrieval went fantab. Can't wait to hear about the embie report.

  4. Wooooooo hooooooooo 8 is my favorite number for the schoolhouse rock series! Good job K! I'm so glad you aren't in pain and were able to walk. Take it easy and don't overdo it. I look forward to hearing more great news in the days to come. Yay for you and yay for TopDoc!

  5. The Doc is pleased, you're pleased, it went well then. Congratulations.

  6. Yay!!! I am really excited for you!!!. PS Mr. W - no wine for your lady!!!!

  7. YAY!!!!

    spooky and GOOD! Congratulations!

    Here's hoping for all good things!
    and your sweetie's comment? BEAUTIFUL.

    thinking of you

  8. You're so funny. But really, m&ms taste better if you put them in your mouth!

    What a wonderful turnout! I'm so glad the procedure was better for you this time and that your beautiful little babies are working their way along. Good numbers, hon, good numbers. Keep those positive vibes and before long you'll be looking at a nice little heartbeat or two!

  9. Great news and I'm glad to see you still have a sense of humor. Good luck with the transfer!!