Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Twas the Night Before....

...retrieval and all through the hotel room. Ok, my mild anxiety is creeping through tonight. I don't know why. I am WAY prepared. I am ready. This is all good. And thank you everyone for your awesome comments and your shout outs on your blogs. I want to also mention that as I will likely be under the weather tomorrow (my last retrieval was miserable and Top Doc says this one will be no exception), I am wishing the best for meKate, T @ IF Optimist, Megan, Maddy, & Pundelina who are all on deck now or shortly. (Sorry if I forgot someone...)

So for today's post...I am going to list everything I did today. I know, this is dumb. But it's all I got.

1. Slept in. Then enjoyed my decaf earl grey with cream on the patio.
2. Watched the kitty cam
3. Argued with Mr. W about which flight back he was going to take.
4. Researched said fights since he has a choice of 5 airports.
5. Made Mr. W's corporate payroll tax and 401k deposits.
6. Did laundry in the bathroom sink of my hotel room.
7. Picked out what I'm going to wear tomorrow and what I want to wear to bed when I get back.
8. Stressed out over the pre-op instructions.
9. Argued with Mr. W about his flight some more. He tells me to change it.
10. More flight research. Override his decision and don't change it.
11. Feel tired and a bit grumpy.
12. Watch kitty cam again.
13. Emailed the niece who's in NY at grad school. She is bugging me to come visit. Might be dropping in on you, EB and Sprog!
14. Email the nephew who is returning from studying in Italy. I have just realized that the keys to his car are locked in my house and he returns they day after tomorrow. Nice!
15. Lay by the hotel pool for awhile until I notice the guy down the way has his hands in his pants. That's enough for me, thank you.
16. Walk to Trader Jo.e's to pick up some things I might consider eating tomorrow. Or not. Get things for Mr. W so he won't have to go out looking for food, and can take care of me full time instead. :)))
17. Decide I have been eating healthy enough and walking enough daily to splurge and order a pizza for my "last.supper."
18. Count down the last hour that I can have anything to eat or drink.
19. Consider going to pick up Mr. W at the airport. And then decide to tell him he can take a cab since it is almost 11:00pm.
20. Notice that I am achy and have these lemons rolling around inside me.
21. Find that Jay Len.o's new show is not as funny as his old one.
22. Read and comment on your blogs.
23. Set my alarm to get up in the middle of the night to take the 2 pills I am supposed to take with only a "sip" of water.
24. Admire the circle the nurse drew yesterday (that's still on my butt) so I could back myself up to a mirror and give my own damn trigger shot.
25. Checked out the lastest Face.book gossip. Which compared to what I'm doing, is really boring.

And with that, I shall load myself into bed. One sleep to go...


  1. thinking of you K, and wishing you a wonderful successful morning with as little stress as possible, and I hope your day is comfortable somehow---
    wishing for great news for you


    Seriously, let me know if you're heading out this way. I'd love to get together for a decaf earl grey, or something.
    Love your KittyCam.
    Good luck today. Thinking of you, and waiting to hear how it went.

  3. Sleep well K. Here's hoping tomorrow brings a smooth pick-up with lovely mature eggs all ready to get spermified and knock you up.


    (Thanks for thinking of me!)

  4. Good Luck!! I'm thinking about you and your precious eggies! Can't wait to hear the fertility report :)

  5. I'm sure by the time you read any of this you will laying in bed thinking about how well everything went. Nothing to do now but relax.

  6. I hope that all went well today!! I love the kitty cam...I need to get me one of those.

  7. Lists are excellent therapy, and this is a great snapshot of pre-retrieval you! Thank you for the kind thoughts...Hope your retrieval went wonderfully and I am SO looking forward to having some company on this eternal 2WW!!!! XOXOXO

  8. How is it that I blink my eyes and a day goes by so quickly that I didn't get to wish you good luck and hugs before you went in?!? Well, I hope it all went really well for you and it is my dear strong wish that count and fert report tomorrow is great and #15 on your list cracked me up.

  9. Thinking of you today and hoping retrieval went well. Rest and then....the fert report! Yay! Hoping for lots of beautiful little embies. Take care and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  10. Fingers crossed!! Hoping it all went well.