Friday, September 4, 2009

Mistaken Identity

Or as Dr. OMC sheepishly stated at my second u/s yesterday...."Too many cooks in the kitchen."

After hearing I had a cyst on Tuesday (and being informed by Dr. OMC that if I was their patient I would be cancelled) Top Doc asked if it was "clear" or "cloudy" to which, Dr. OMC replied (several hours after the u/s) that is was clear. Meaning it was a follicle that had not ovulated, as opposed to the cloudy remnant of one that had just ovulated from the previous cycle.

Did I mention why I like Top Doc so much? For starters, she is THOROUGH. She was not satisfied with the u/s results and so I had another yesterday. (Yeah, it cost me another $500 to repeat.) This time, Dr. OMC informs me he will not be commenting on my u/s (uhm while he's there doing it and I'm watching) and instead says he will leave the decision making to Top Doc.

But at this u/s I have the unique benefit of having a resident present! Normally, I don't consider it a benefit. And in fact, I often decline the resident option. So what does this mean? Well aside from it means she is like the 8th or 9th person in the last 6 months to assist in the wand-waving in my hoo-hoo, it means Dr. OMC is giving a little teaching lesson! So much for his "no comment." As he proceeds to count the 7 follicles on the left and the 5 on the right, he points out a larger cyst on the left and mutters something about cloudiness under his breath and evidence of a corpus luteum. (Sludge left over from the last cycle.) BINGO!

And so I was given the green light last night by Top Doc! You gotta love a woman with the kahunas to ask questions and demand more. Of course, I had not been to the pharmacy yet, but I was prepared with enough leftovers to shoot up last night then high-tail it to the pharmacy first thing this morning to pick up the goods (and shoot up again in the parking lot.)

I've gotten smart in my IVF veteran-ness. My next u/s is Monday, so I bought enough drugs to get through Tuesday. Maybe I'm not being the ultimate optimist, but what the hell? In the event I get cancelled mid-cycle, I don't want to be dining out on extra Foll.istim in my fridge until the next round.

So it seems I'm headed out of town in a few days afterall to finish my cycle at Top Doc's clinic. Nothing like keeping a girl guessing...especially a hormonal one!


  1. Yay! I LOVE Top Doc and I don't even know her! But yes, I do love a woman who will openly question a man's judgment (and it wasn't overt and hostile, just a simple question). She's good. And're on your way! BTW, smart move with the drugs. My RE ordered my meds and we had them delivered. After using what we needed, I am now the proud owner of a never-opened, have-no-need-for bottle of Delestrogen.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a whirlwind! Top Doc is the best, no? Hurray for your green light! Just be careful shooting up in parking lots, lady! ;-) All the best for your few days away!

  3. I am so glad that you get to move forward!!

  4. I am positively, absolutely, completely, out-of-this world excited that you are starting your cycle. I start my BCP today so hopefully I'll be right behind you. I wish you all the best and am crossing everything but my legs for your success! Oh, and I too only order enough meds for my needs. That stuff is expensive.

    Your "kahunas" line made me crack up. Nice. In da hood we call them "cajones".

  5. holy crap- well what a ride! cloudy! clear! what the hell! you are ON! and that is great news and I love your doc, I do. I seriously do.

    So-- great follicle count by the way-- a great start and
    congratulations on the green light!

    good good good,