Sunday, September 13, 2009

Here I Am the hotel room hanging out by myself. The word for the day is flexibilty. Everyone say it together. It's what this cycle is all about. It started out that way, and it may very well end that way. But hey, I'm game. I'll be flexible. If that's what it takes.

I've had 3 appointments at Top Doc's clinic since I got here Wednesday night. Mr. W joined me on Thursday with the idea we'd have liftoff followed by orbit sometime late this weekend/Monday-ish. OK, not so much.

Top Doc is letting me a cook awhile. And, it seems her strategy is paying off. Little by little some new follicle comes out to play the longer we wait. So here I am, pushing stim day 12 tomorrow and it looks like I'll get the trigger for the 8 or so that are ready. This is good news because I'm starting to get uncomfortable. Not crazy painful swollen miserable. But achey full can't sit or twist or stand uncomfortable.

This was bad news for Mr. W. He had blocked out his schedule to be here Monday and Tuesday this week. But my retrieval is now Wednesday. After some discussion, we agreed he would fly home tonight, reschedule his Wednesday and Thursday patients for Monday and Tuesday now if they could, and fly back Tuesday night. I feel badly about this. Patients wait 4 months to see him and then he has to cancel at the last minute. It's frustrating for them and it burdens his partner and staff. Not to mention people will start to ask lots of questions about the urgent change. But at the same time, he is human. He has a life outside of work and this is important. Not to mention the selfish me wanted him to stay with me and cancel everyone, because it IS that important and because I miss him and because I am hormonal.

But, after a trip to my favorite place (just 60 miles to the North) for the day, I dropped him at the airport and returned myself to the hotel. So here I am. Being flexible.


  1. Gah. I hope that the scheduling works out - and I really hope some extra follies come out of the woodwork!!! It is good to hear from you.

    Lisa - from meinsideout - would not verify my wordpress "credentials"

  2. Sorry it's so hard, with the scheduling, and with the traveling. But it sure sounds like you've got the right attitude for all of this. Hoping it pays off big time!

  3. Enjoy the wonders of hotels - room service, the magical ability to watch TV 12 hours a day!! There is always the spa!

  4. Flex-eee-boyle? Fax-Ab-Bleet? Flux-No-Able? I'm working on it too. Glad to know your husband has managed to shift his schedule, but yeah these things don't always work on the calendar we'd prefer. Hoping for more nice follicles to join the race. Best luck and hugs and wishes.