Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Parrott Head

Well, the fresh blackberries did not make it to the pot for jam before they rotted. Tail end of the season, and I was just not home soon enough. So I've been looking for other ways to pass the misery of the infamous 2ww, now 4dp3dt. Here's what I've come up with so far:

1. Finish the 2008 taxes before the final extension is up.
2. Resume some degree of work (oh, this is a hard one).
3. Get one of our rentals re-rented.
4. Admire the continuation of summer and 85 degree weather for the next week.
5. Figure out in what orifice I will stuff more of these tomatoes that fornicate like rabbits.

Otherwise, I have no symptoms. Nothing. Nada. Admittedly, the peanut pellets are way easier on the body than the PIO. But perhaps it's just another day in Paradise without the cheeseburger?


  1. OMFG look at those tommies. I want some with pasta and fresh basil. So would love it.

    K, isn't it perhaps a little early for symptoms? Just a thought!

  2. Tomato heaven! Hang in there!!!!

  3. I see a baby, and a huge pot of tomato sauce in your future.

  4. Love your tomato-filled wheel barrel, love your basil, love your flip flops, love your single anaheim chili who snuck in for the par-tay. Oh, and I agree with Dirk.

  5. Wow, that's a lot of tomatoes!

    Hang in there! Just a another week or so, right?

  6. Definitely too early for symptoms. But starting today and for the next 2 or 3 days, embies will be burrowing into your lining, making themselves at home. In the mean time, yeah, you have some canning to do or sauce to make! Wow, wish I could take some of those gorgeous tomatoes off your hands!

  7. thinking of you smack dab in the 2ww-- wishing you a wonderful positive, and I will be thinking of you even if I am out of range.

    good luck this week, hope you find ways to pass time that do not make you nutty.