Monday, September 14, 2009

Game On

All systems are go for Wednesday. Top Doc says things look good and today she was measuring 12 follicles. Some of them are smaller and it's likely they won't be mature. However, this is the best I have ever done and I'm excited about that (she says without trying to to get her hopes up too far.)

Today I was glancing over the paperwork and some of the chart details and noticed that our official diagnosis from Top Doc's clinic is Male Factor. This also makes me feel somewhat better. I might be a slow or poor responder to the meds but it doesn't appear that I have DOR like the last clinic tried to cram down my throat in effort to push me to DE. Yes, my clock is ticking, but not fast enough (in my opinion) to jump into the DE bed today.

I just have to say that Mr. W did the sweetest thing before he left home last time. We have a video security system at home so he moved the kitty food into view of one of the cameras. Now I can log into the system and peek in on my purry kids. And, I had to post this photo he snapped with his cell phone.


  1. So glad to hear that things are on track!! And your kitty is very cute. ;)

  2. ah man, just look at that! what a sweetie.
    how many follies!! wow, impressed you follie cooker you. good luck my friend. I shall be thinking of you with fingers crossed all the way to Wednesday

  3. So glad the follies are cooking! How sweet of him so that you can see your kitties!!

  4. SO happy for your numbers and your retrieval on wednesday! GAME ON! Great follicle count and I am very hopeful that all good things will come of this. Good luck and happy no shot day tomorrow.
    ps cutest cat ever

  5. What good news...all the way around. Lots of good follies, kitties to watch, good vibes and a basket of hope. I am so excited for you and I'm hoping and praying this will be IT. THE ONE. C'mmmmmon Wednesday!

  6. I am SO impressed with your follicles. That's wonderful, K. Your DH and your kitty are both adorable! Thinking of you and wishing for you!!!

  7. I hope your collection went/goes well, 12 follies is great!