Friday, March 26, 2010

And the Winners Are...

So in all of my "boring" free time, I've been shopping online and orchestrating the details for noodles' arrival (and all of this from a mostly horizontal position). Since we all seem to want to compare notes, product finds, etc, I thought I'd post my choices so far. No advertising intended here...just the results of my research and choices that suit our needs and lifestyle.

First of all, I ordered some clothes from a fellow blogger with triplet boys. The clothes are adorable and in excellent condition. If you're having a boy and want to pick up some items (what's left after I tore through her blog) then I highly recommend checking out Team Darnell's adorable stuff on her blogsite here.

Diapers: I'm put-off by the fact that disposables take 500 years to biodegrade so I've been looking for an eco-friendly but practical (realistic?) alternative. As it turns out, after all of my research, I discovered an excellent choice from a company based in my own hometown. Check out their website. They offer a flushable, compostable, biodegradable (in 56 days!) diaper liner that is inserted into their little pants that you throw in the washing machine. It's like a hybrid of disposable and cloth! Now, I haven't used them yet of course, but I sure like the concept and intend to give it my best efforts. And although they are available in my local stores too, you can get excellent prices and free shipping on them and other baby supplies from this website.

Stroller: I mentioned this item before and that there was a waiting list, but it just arrived and I must say, it IS the cat's meow. This is the real deal for people with twins and is also designed to be used as a single. It accommodates 2 car seats at the same time and is tandem instead of side by side. It's got the all-terrain wheels for active types and turns on a dime. And it has over 16 different configurations for seats, car seats, and even bassinets. Not to mention I think it folds more easily and weighs less than anything I looked at. Watch the video here and the video product review here.

Car Seats: I researched this one for quite some time. I read the reviews, checked out consumer reports and really narrowed it down to 3 brands that I felt were all about equal (and all 3 were compatible with said stroller above.) In the end, I think price won out and I picked the Key.Fit.30 in Miro. I found it on sale at this place, which also has just about everything else cheaper and offers free shipping.

Organic & Natural: If you're into this (and I am even though I drive a gas-hogging SUV, with a carbon off-set of course) then you will like this store. They sell the diapers I mentioned, BPA-free bottles, organic and bamboo clothing and blankets, non-toxic and educational toys, etc.

Nursery: We decided on a Beatrix.Potter/Peter.Rabbit theme. We liked the tradition and the way it ties animals and the garden all together. (Remember the garden ???) We went with pale green and brown colors and we painted (ok Mr. W painted while I watched from a chair) their room in Devine Crunch. If you don't live on the West Coast, you probably can't find Devine paint. However, if you can find it, it's simply the best paint I've ever used. It's low/no VOC and the finish is designed to reflect natural light found in the Pacific NW. This is the fourth home I've used this paint in, and it's just awesome. Here is the website.

I hope you enjoy poking around these websites and find things that will work for you too. And by all means, share with the rest of us what you've discovered.


  1. Good research. I hope to be in a position to come back here and need all this information soon.

  2. I'm definitely going to give the diapers you suggest a good look - I want to switch over to cloth when life settles down, although the disposables were so easy to begin with since I already know how they work. :)

    We have the car seat you mentioned. We really like it. It's easy to get the baby into and out of and it detaches easily from the base.

    I hope you'll post pictures of the nursery when you get it done!