Thursday, March 18, 2010

Magic Number

It's here. 28 weeks. We're here. Big sigh of relief...though not ideal by any means, but still.

So where have I been?

Well, four weeks ago Dr. M told me literally to go hide in a cave for 4 weeks. He said the next four weeks were crucial (something I know many of us have been told). He didn't want me doing anything. And Mr. W was adamant about me staying "down". (In fact Mr. W has ordered me "down" for 2 more weeks, just to be sure.)

And what have I done?

Well, I've only left the house for doctors appointments (with Mr. W), and an outing each Sunday accompanied by Mr. W which has amounted to me riding in the car while he runs errands or picks up gelato. :) I've been reading. I'm learning how to use a sewing machine. And, I've taken the opportunity to stock the nursery with the convenience of the internet. Mr. W painted it one day while I watched from a chair. After several bouts of discontinued and back-ordered items, it's ready.

It seems my super stroller is going to ship two months early after all, the car seats are on their way, and after months of research on diapers, I finally picked a brand and ordered up a month's supply which has arrived also. (More on this stuff later.) I also had an in-home haircut and color. I decided the hair dryer and I just don't have time for each other anymore, so I took the plunge and had my 9" pony tail cut off. I am donating it to one of the charities that makes wigs for cancer patients. (Once Mr. W gives the ponytail back to me.)

Fettuccine and Linguine are kicking harder these days (which I am often entertained by) and extreme bouts of nausea have returned. Vomiting with 5lbs of babies inside is a lot more work than before. I am out of breath a lot but still find lots of relief in the swimming pool - on the days I can get my fat ass and belly in and out of it. One trip on the stairs in the house is about all I can do. (I've fudged and done 2 a couple of days.) And I haven't been down the other flight of stairs in months. Mr. W commented the other day there were 2 rooms in the house he hasn't been in for 6 months. I said I haven't seen the whole third floor since October.

Aside from all of this, things are good. I passed my glucose test. My blood pressure has stayed down, and my cervix actually grew to 5.2 cm at my 25 week appointment. The doctors say this is a bit of an anomaly and I have one of the longest cervixes they've ever seen. No wonder my embryo transfers sucked so bad. They even joked that they would be inducing me at 47 weeks. I said, "NOT."

During the 4 weeks of cavedom, I've celebrated a blogiversary (1 year). BWUB, Meinsideout, and Can You Imagine have all had their babies - amazing blogs I have followed since the very beginning! My dear childhood friend has a healthy little embryo growing. MeKate has one too! (BIG shout out to her!) EB has 2 healthy lemons and has passed 12 weeks! And my almost neighbor and FB friend IFO has passed the 25 week mark and is almost home free.

Did I ever think a year ago I'd be celebrating all of this? Truth be told - no. And I still have to pinch myself daily. But I have an ever-expanding belly and some kicking noodles to prove it.


  1. Yeah, huge milestone and so great to hear from you! I was on the verge of emailing a few times then thought better of it! I guessed if you had something to tell us, you'd tell us!

    So glad everything is great and the noodles are doing well. So sorry to hear about the nausea. You have had such a rough ride with that.

    And how lovely - you have the nursery all ready.
    Welcome back

  2. Congrats on 28 weeks!!! I'm glad things are going well -- and thank goodness for your freakishly long cervix. :)

  3. good to hear from you - great job on the gestating!!!!