Saturday, March 20, 2010

Officially Boring

Dr. J said so himself yesterday at my 28 weeks (+2 days) appointment. So boring in fact, that they didn't even want to look at my cervix. (Mr. W said as we left that we should buy a lottery ticket!)

So all I have for you is stats on the noodles:

Baby A: Still transverse right on top of my pelvis coming in at 2lbs 3 oz.
Baby B: Transverse the opposite direction well above baby A and at 2lbs 8 oz.
Fluid levels: Both normal
Heartbeats: 140 and 150
Organs, cords, and boy parts all accounted for. Bladders and tummies both full.
My weight gain: 30 lbs
My blood pressure: 122/76 (amazing)
Blood work & urine: also boring (the nurse's term)
Other stuff: still vomiting, crazy constipation, some hand swelling, pelvic pain, short of breath, and a week-long headache. Still popping zo.fran, phen.ergen, folic acid, and calcium. Can't get the pre-natals to stay down so I skip them.

Dr. J is going on vacation for spring break and Dr. M's wife is having a baby this week, so I was instructed to go home and stay boring for the next two weeks. I can handle that.


  1. That's great news! Much better to be boring and healthy! :) I can't believe that you're that far along already! Crazy!

  2. Boring is great! Congrats :)

    For your pelvic pain try getting on all fours and just letting your belly hang. Or if you have a yoga ball you can use that as head/arm support. The pelvic pain has been the worst for me, and these things help!

  3. Nothing better than boring! All the stats sound just perfect, so you keep doing whatever it is you're doing! Although it would be nice if the vomiting would stop, eh?

    K, your comment on my blog about Wacky P was right on target! I absolutely believe that she relished being needed and felt superior as she offered her advice! But I needed it anyway, so, let her feel puffed. But you called it!

  4. Woooooo hooooo! I am happy that the boy noodles are growing great and you are doing well. Can you believe in 9 or 10 weeks you'll meet them? WOW!