Saturday, April 10, 2010

Formerly Boring Meets The NICU

Apparently I stayed boring for about as long as I could.

Wednesday I was admitted to the hospital for what turned out to be gestational hypertension. After several labs and other tests, preeclampsia has been ruled out, for now anyway. However, doctors expect the hypertension to escalate over time and predict a delivery in the next 7-20 days.

Got your attention now, I bet! Yeah, got mine too !!

I am 31 weeks and 3 days today. Delivery will put us at 32-34 weeks. As a result, noodles will likely spend 2-4 weeks in the NICU. I have been given 2 courses of steroid shots to mature their lungs. Following a complete meltdown in the hospital (partially steroid induced I'm sure) in which I blamed myself, a friend who had three kids in the NICU including a set of twins, visited to help pull me back from the ledge. Yesterday Mr. W and I met with a neonatologist and toured the NICU. Highly recommend both of these events, if you find yourself headed in this direction.

Noodles are measuring 2lbs 12 oz and 3 lbs 8 oz. Yes, there is a widening difference in size. And yes, Baby A seems a bit behind in the 20th percentile. Despite all of this, doctors are optimistic about the noodles development and expect them to do well in the NICU. Baby B has hiccups now, almost every time after I eat. Baby A was practicing his breathing skills on my last scan. And the non-stress tests (NST) were fine. All of this is good news.

I am back home now, on full bed rest until delivery, with the exception of twice weekly office visits. I have stepped away from the ledge and am trying not to pour salt in my wounds. I don't feel panicked. Everything is ready for noodles when they come home and as 'less than optimal' as this is, I must admit I can't wait to meet them. Mr. W is like a rock. You would think after nearly 18 years of marriage, I would have every one of his personality traits analyzed to a T. But I find myself still amazed by the stuff he is made of.

My last matter of resolution is this blog. I have been pondering for several weeks now what to do with it. What started as an IF blog, has morphed into a pregnancy blog, and could very quickly become a blog about life with noodles - something I have decided against. I've considered protected posts, as some of you have done. I've considered just being "done". But there are a few of you I would like to share stories with and keep in contact with if you're interested. I think I can best accomplish this in emails. If you're interested in getting these emails and keeping in contact with me that way, please let me know. Drop me an email at speclk2 at hotmail dot com or leave me a comment with your email address. Comments left on my site must be approved before posting so I will not post your email address if you leave it there. Oh, and I'm still reading all of your blogs with great interest, I just haven't been commenting as much lately.


  1. wow! well, yes, you got my attention. Of course I want to keep in touch and know as soon as you can lift a finger that you are ok, the little one's are great and your rock solid DH is doing fine too.
    32 -34 weeks,according to my great twins book, is cool. Its you I am sending calming thoughts to sweetie.
    As we were told in the war 'Keep calm and carry on'!!
    Sending you a big hug and lots of tea and toast.

  2. Oh, K, I am so sorry the babies will have to be born early! But of course you must do what is safest for all three of you. I spent some time working in various NICUs and I can tell you first hand (although I'm sure you witnessed it on your tour) that your babies will be in the most capable hands. NICU nurses are some of the most amazing people with fantastic skills. The hard (incredibly hard) part for you will be leaving the babies for the 2-4 weeks they will need to be there. I'm so, so sorry. But I know they will do just fine and very soon you'll have them home in your arms. In the mean time, take care of yourself and think positive. I will send you an email because I'd really like to keep in touch and follow along as you journey into mommyhood. Love and hugs.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear you are leaving teh scene, but it's your life, and I wish you the absolute best.
    On the reassurance front, my friend had preeclampsia with identical twin girls and was in the hospital for 3 weeks with the slowest case of pre e on record. Her girls were delivered at 34 weeks, and stayed 3 weeks and are robust gorgeous 10 months olds.Will you stay around long enough to give us the birth info?

  4. I so understand. My precious little girl just came home not quite 2 weeks ago after almost 5 weeks in the NICU. I was just over 30 weeks when I developed PIH and just over 32 weeks when I went into HELLP syndrome and had her by emergency c-section. There wasn't time to give me steroids, so you're already better off than I was. The NICU staff was wonderful, and they really know what they're doing! Keep me posted and feel free to contact me for more info.

  5. Stress and difficulties aside, it sounds like a bunch of great news. Good luck with the twins.

  6. I hope that when you receive this you are still preggo! My journey followed almost this exact path. I was first admitted to the hospital at 31w 4d. On that day, they were sure I was days away from delivery. I spent the weekend in the hospital, received my steroid shots and had a visit from the NICU doc to give me the orientation. I was sent home on bedrest and did not delivery my boys until 35w 4d. The boys only stayed overnight in the NICU and then were rolled down to my room! So, just because they tell you to expect NICU, it is not an absolute! Take care!