Thursday, August 20, 2009

Marking Time & Making Lists

I'm finding that I'm starting to get consumed in this IF thing again. It's approaching rather quickly and now I'm in a rush to get the "to dos" done and the lists made. I'm going to be gone for almost two weeks at Top Doc's clinic and already I'm worried about Mr. W remembering to feed the kitties, pick up the mail, get to the bank, and still make it to work.

It seems everything else is falling into place, even if it's chaotic. The cycle is set. The OMC is confirmed and orders have been faxed. The boatload of prescriptions is awaiting pick up. And the hotel has confirmed my room request for a patio facing the pool and a fridge! I'm left with lists of stuff to take. Stuff to finish doing (uhm, like the 2008 taxes). Projects I want to take with me. Final logistics of getting there and back. Logistics of getting Mr. W there and back! And, well, a little anxiety on the side.

I'm already starting to miss the things I will miss while I'm gone. Our pool on a hot day (every day, lately). My purry friends. Cooking. And of course, Mr. W (and his kick-ass pizza). On top of that, the garden has got its full game on and I've been a canning fool - 20 quarts of dill pickles and 12 pints of bread and butter pickles. We've also done 12 cans of Mr. W's Alaskan salmon and 30 cans of fresh albacore tuna. The tomatoes, corn, potatoes, and onions are all rolling in quickly now. Not to mention the blackberries, figs, apples, and squash to follow. There is no way I will get it all done and clearly I will miss the best two weeks of the harvest. Yet another burden for Mr. W.

To top it off, we did not settle our court case at mediation earlier this month which means we are headed for trial in December. This really has been a big downer and has been the contributing factor to my past few weeks of mental funk. The financial stress of IVF and humongous attorney fees are taking its toll. We're "all in", as Mr. W says. And I hope we're left with something to show for it all in the end. At least we won't starve.


  1. Wow - you do have a lot on your plate - sorry for the extra stress on that case. I hope you will be able to "escape" even a little on your trip out of town.

  2. I am jealous of all of your pickles -- they sound delish!

  3. No, you won't starve. Amazing garden output! Well, I have to say that as usual, we women tend to feel responsible for taking care of ALL the details. I'm not sure if it's because we are control freaks or because the men won't get it done otherwise (in my case, it's a little of both). But I hope all works out okay for you. Don't forget to breathe!

  4. Mmmmm! I wish you lived closer! I would buy your pickles! Darn those 2008 taxes, but what's another month, really? I say, any projects/things-to-do that you can just put off during such a crucial time, the better! I hear that it's best to just have as much R&R as possible, reading and watching movies or whatever, maybe do meditation if that's your thing. And try not to worry about the pool and kitties - they'll be waiting for you when you get back! Wishing you LOTS of good things, my friend! XOXO

  5. Madam, I covet your mad pickling skillz. I'm sorry you have all this extra stress before your IVF cycle. Please try your best to take care and be easy on yourself during the time away.