Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bite Down

Or bend over.

Today was one of those days when reality comes along and bites you in the ass. I made the $12,450 cycle deposit and boy did it hurt. It doesn't help that because my visa card was hacked earlier this week (and the account has subsequently been cancelled and the new card is nowhere in sight yet) I have had to cough up (or rather vomit up) alternative funds. And then there are the drugs next week. Yes, I knew all of this was coming. Yes, I was prepared. (Ok, well not necessarily emotionally it seems). It still effing pains me to do it.

On the bright side, I resumed acupuncture today. Uh-uhm, not with the last acuquack, as Super Doc calls her. But rather with the same person who did my previous embryo transfer. I have two more sessions next week, then I'm off to Top Doc's clinic and their own in-house acupuncturists.

So here we are. All in. And hoping for a stellar baseline next week to get the party started.


  1. ouch! hoping the acu takes away the string of the deposit. fingers crossed for a fabulous baseline!