Monday, August 31, 2009

The Day Before Tomorrow

Canada was great as usual. But no cheap drugs for me.


I suppose I will just suffer at the pharmacy tomorrow when I pick up my new junk.

I have been doing fine so far, on this EP protocol. Uh-uhm, until today. It seems every possible side effect of the estrace has exploded in me today. Fortunately, I have only one more day of these little blue pills before the real fun starts- kicking it off with the baseline u/s tomorrow morning.

Yesterday's Harvest Update:

6 - gallons of tomatoes canned
8- 1/2 pints of pest0 made


  1. Good luck tomorrow! Pesto...yum...

  2. Six GALLONS of tomatoes?! I think I got six individual tomatoes total. You have quite the green thumb. Spaghetti sauce aplenty this winter!

    Sorry you didn't find drugs in Canada. I will finish my final Delestrogen shot this Wednesday, and I have an entire vial, unopened. It's a shame. Both that I can't return it to the pharmacy or pass it along to someone else. Well I hope you will feel better and that your body adjusts so you don't have to be in estrace hell. Good luck with the U/S!

  3. Did you start singing, "Am I blue? Am I bloooooooooooooooo?" Sorry couldn't help myself. Wow I'll bet your garden is a thing of wonder and beauty. Happy for you.