Monday, January 18, 2010

Fair Warning: Another Post About Vomit

Two nights ago I awoke in the middle of the night to a horrific sound. It was one of the purry ones barfing on the floor next to my side of the bed. I've seen my share of cat vomit over the years. It comes with the territory and is usually managed quite well with proper diet and brushing.

But something must have crawled inside Mr. Mitten and died. It was the most heinous, foul-smelling, projectile laden stuff I have ever seen. I jumped out of bed thinking I could quickly clean it up while it was wet and so I ran half asleep to grab toilet paper to throw on top of it.


I returned to the scene of the crime only to vomit in my own hand. And so I ran back to the toilet to finish the job. When I thought I was done, I went to the bathroom sink to clean myself up only to continue vomiting profusely in the sink. By this time, I had several lights on and had made enough noise to awaken Mr. W from his slumber. He jumped out of bed to find the floor covered in cat disaster and the bathroom sink filled with mine.

"WTF?" Was about all he could say.

It quickly became apparent this would not be a quick-clean-up-and-go-back-to-sleep type of night. The mess and smell were so bad we couldn't leave it and we couldn't easily clean it. Mr. W dug the steam cleaner out of the closet and proceeded to clean the bedroom carpet for what seemed like eternity. The smell was so bad I had to stick my head under the sheets.

Poor Mr. W. After being a champ with the carpet he tackled the sink. I had clogged it completely so he dismantled the drain to clear it. Still, the smell from Mr. Mitten permeated the whole room. I realized there was no way I could sleep there so we packed up the pillows and moved into the guest bedroom. Not knowing what else may eject from the kitty, we shut the door and kept them out, only to listen to them paw and meow outside the door for the rest of the night.


  1. oh honey, you are really going through this. Damn. I hope you get some quality rest today and manage to keep it calm, if only for a little while.

  2. OMG - that is some crazy barfing!!! I am so sorry you had such a hard night! Your man sounds like a freaking hero - that sink business must have been bad!!!!

    One time my cat Nando threw up in the middle of the night - I got up to clean it - and slid in it.

  3. Oh my! That sounds horrible, all around!

  4. oooh, that sounds like a terrible night!! yuck. but if I am honest....I did LOL with Mr.W's only comment being WTF? :)
    Hope today is better!

  5. Oh my goodness...if I didn't feel so sorry for you and for Mr. W, I might find the whole escapade a bit humorous (having dealt with my share of middle-of-the-night pet vomit). Thank goodness for compassionate husbands and guest bedrooms! I hope you eventually get some relief from the nausea.

  6. Oh K. That is so awful. I feel sorry for you and Mr. W. I must admit though, the worst thing about this all is your google ads which are all about carpet and toilet cleaning with the added bonus of "cat urine odor removal".

    This has all got to stop. I'm putting my foot down and ordering you to have a good day. ;-)

  7. Oh, man. Nothing is worse than kitty puke when you are battling your own issues. Just the retching sound along could be enough, then you add in the smell and it's a whole other kind of awful.

  8. just checking in on you :) I can't believe your ticker!! 21+ weeks? that is amazing, time is flying!