Friday, November 27, 2009

Post Turkey Day Post

I had the CVS awhile back. It was a miserable procedure, to say the least. And something I've decided not to blog a whole lot about but I'll give you the nutshell version. First we met with a genetic counselor who presents statistics and things. Then they prepped my for the procedure which is either done transcervically or transabdominally. Because I have two placentas in two different places, I got one of each. It was not nice. I grimaced through the transabdominal one, but the transcervical one maxed out the pain scale. I forewarned the peri ......speaking from two miserable embryo transfers and a laminaria from hell. He just laughed....until he got to size up the situation. When it was over, I asked Mr. W to pass the wine. To which the peri replied..."I won't tell if you won't!" I like him. Even if he's rough with long needles. Results will still be awhile yet, so I'll just leave it at that.

Happily, I swam in the pool yesterday morning. It felt amazing, although it was a bit chilly and raining out. And I managed to survive two Thanksgiving dinners without tossing anything. Although I paid dearly for it this morning.

And reasons why the cat's out of the bag:

1) I am 12 weeks (+2 days now)
2) I have a very obvious protrusion (as all family members pointed out yesterday)
3) To see me at a holiday event (or anywhere for that matter) without a glass of wine in my hand is sacrilege. Nonetheless, I am still asked to choose the wine for everyone else.
4) Admission to Super Doc's hospital for fluids is just too juicy to keep quiet.


  1. I just caught up on all your posts. I'm glad to hear you and babies are all okay - despite some bleeding and a terrible double CVS procedure. The good thing is, if anybody can manage the prep and caring of triplets, it's you and Mr. W. I know Mr. W. will take good care of you and it sounds like your 2 peri's are all over it as well. You definitely require extra diligence as we want you and those babies to all come through this with flying colors. I laughed about you not having wine in your hand at's been awful for me to have to endure hours at Wacky P's without being half tanked! Anyway, take care and go easy.

  2. wow! 12 weeks. Congratulations on getting to this wonderful milestone. Sorry the needle expo was so crap. And it sounds lovely to swim in a pool whilst its raining out. MMn.
    happy thanksgiving!!

  3. Congratulations on 12 weeks. Hope you are feeling a bit better in the tummy department and am glad to know the CVS procedure is completed. Sending many hopes of great results and happy dances in a few weeks.

  4. Congrats on 12 weeks! I'm sorry the CVS was so miserable -- I don't know much about the procedure but have read enough to suspect that it sucks.

  5. Hopefully you'll get over the nausea soon! The procedures sound like they were miserable. Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving and got to share your wonderful news!

  6. Hi K,
    I am so sorry about the CVS misery- that just sucks. As a IVFer I know this is going to sound nutty, but i hate needles, hate them. So the idea of CVS wigs me out.
    I also have a sensitive cervix and cannot quite imagine that whole thing (hands waving in wide arcs).

    So, what about those Mets?
    Seriously now, I hope you are feeing better and happy second trimester, I think that is just simply awesome.