Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Box Cars

If you're into dice games or craps (Mr. W's favorite) then you know box cars is double sixes.

As in, 6 little arms and 6 little legs flailing around on the ultrasound yesterday.

Pretty fucking amazing to watch, especially after carting yourself to the doctor in modified panic mode because you're bleeding, mildly. Sigh.....

Likely a subchorionic hematoma that decided to give way, says the OB. Common, as we all know... and all forget when it's happening to US!

My big accomplishments today?

1. working a few hours from home
2. cleaning out the refrigerator of the food Mr.W has been forced to cook for me for the past week that I only nibble on. Because food is VILE.
3. a bath, spa mask and all
4. blogging again
5. congratulating IF Optimist on her 2 monsters and welcoming EB home from what sounds like the trip from hell with BWUB's Whacky P.

And ok, the symptom list.

Nausea: OMG. Zof.ran with a side of Phen.ergan.
Weight gain: loss of 3 pounds
Bleeding: faint
Dizziness: Some
Cramping: Some
Food craving: none
Food aversion: everything
Favorite new drug: stool softener


  1. Yay for triplets!! Amazing to see that on the screen, huh?

    And Col.ace will continue to be your best friend!!

  2. Wow, wow, wow - amazing - it must be quite a bit to take in!!! Bleeding is very common with multiples - and I forgot that too when I saw some pink on the TP about 4 weeks ago.

    and gah - I am so sorry you are so sick - colace was my friend for so, so long and even then going to the bathroom was like a bad horror movie. zofran really increases constipation. It only got better when I could drink a LOT of water - which was like two weeks ago. I am still on 8-16 mg of zofran a day and I will be 21 weeks on Friday...I hope you are on the max dose, which is 24 mg from what my docs tell me.

  3. stool softener. oh. my. god. if things aren't bad enough you have blockage in the pipes. Ah well, I guess its all worth it = 6 little arms & 6 little legs and all yours yours yours.

    Still makes me smile and sigh when I think of your wonderful belly full of life and love and little ones.

    Hang in there, K!!

  4. Hurrah for arms & legs! So glad everything (well, except for the nausea) is going so well.

  5. Congrats! Those are a lot of little arms and legs!!

    So sorry that the nausea is continuing to kick your butt.

  6. Holy moly K! I want you to feel better in every way, no bleeding! scary and common but Scary wins here, I think.
    And oh! babies! in there! holy shit!
    Thinking about you and hoping for a lot more comfort for you in every way.


  7. I wish that I could just wave my magic wand and have the nausea go away. Poor K. I am so happy to hear about those little arms and legs waving around. How absolutely wonderful. I am so very elated for you. Thanks for your good wishes too. Let me know what week we need to be at in order to breathe again? 15? 34?

  8. You sound amazingly calm and sane for a woman with a parade in her belly, nausea in her throat, a case of constipation and bit of bleeding to scare the crap out of anyone. So glad all the kids were waving at you on the ultrasound. You're doing great!