Saturday, September 25, 2010


That was the word I was missing......

But alas, we have returned from our Italian adventure. And what an adventure it was. I have an incredible amount of advice to give if you find yourself travelling with infants, emphasis on the plural! So much so, that I must start penning a book soon! Overall, things went well and the boys did absolutely amazing. I forget, after being entrenched in IF for so long, that twins are still an anomaly in the rest of the world....that everything takes twice as long because everyone wants to stop and talk to you, and oooh and ahhhh, and ask questions.

Navigating airlines and airports can be tricky, especially when the airlines make promises they can't keep. That will be an entire chapter in the new book.

And for my next trick, we will take the boys on a cruise in December. Another chapter.......

Congrats to Sprog, who delivered while I was gone. And, to EB who delivered a few weeks ago while I was MIA. So happy you will both now experience this wonderment of motherhood.


  1. I wanna read that book! I am so impressed you got the little ones to Europe and back. Please write a post or two about jet leg, airports etc.
    Thanks for the mention and welcome home.

  2. Well you all made it back in one piece, and it sounds like the boys did their best to be as good as possible. Quite an adventure, but I'm sure it was fun too! New pictures soon?

  3. Welcome home!! You and Strong Blonde are my twin traveling heros...we did a few drives - a 7.5 hour drive turned into a 14 hour drive over two days - but the babies did wonderfully - we just have to move to a new level of patience. Some pic updates from you would be great!